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Patrick Is A Victim of Animal Cruelty, Again!

After 14 months of legal manuvering, it seems Patrick’s tormentor will walk out of the courthouse with all charges being ignored.

The Court confirmed Ms. Curtis has applied to have the charges dismissed. For this to happen the Court, Prosecutor and law enforcement authorities must go along.

Patrick upon arrival in the Associated Humane Societies' Medical Department where we stabilized him with life-saving measures.

We have been worried about this from the very beginning, as this case has been mishandled throughout, inexplicable delays, misstatement in press releases and failing to fully prosecute.

The players in this courtroom battle would have you believe that it is the fault of AHS. The Society has not been a party to or had any responsibility in the delays in litigation.

We saw this coming which is why we have been so involved in the prosecution and because of that we are in a position to oppose this from happening.Those who criticized us for getting involved see that without our active participation, this may have become a reality.

We have been so involved because without a successful prosecution, Ms. Curtis walks, and other animal abusers see that they, too, could walk.

AHS rescued Patrick by saving his life, gave him emergency care so that he had a chance to survive. Make no mistake, we care passionately about him, his welfare and his future. The prosecution of the person who is responsible is part of that passion.

Superior Court Judge Joseph Cassini III questioned AHS' fidelity and integrity. Other players in this courtroom drama should also be questioned. Patrick was rescued and revived by the AHS. From almost the very first day of Patrick's rescue, the animal law enforcement group asked for donations for Patrick's "care". The same group graphically imposed Patrick's picture on the front of their calendar in order to sell the merchandise.

And,according to the same article, then Newark Mayor Cory Booker appropriated Patrick's story as part of his own campaign to raise money for a planned no-kill animal shelter. Booker wrested Patrick from AHS and proclaimed ownership to the vet clinic's owner.

According to one blog on, "why does anyone side with the veterinary clinic that received loads of attention and so much money, they had to say, please - no more. They got enough money to send patrick to college ... Along with keeping the pit bull, they get to keep the money donated by thousands ... They were contracted by the humane Society to provide care. Since when does a veterinary clinic get to say,nope, keeping this dog even though you want it back".

Patrick in July 2011

All of those referred to above want Patrick to remain where he is to merchandise his name and likeness. They have sullied our reputation and our shelters to do so. One need only look through this website to see the good work that we do -- every day -- 365 days a year. And that is what we did for Patrick. Do you think, as others would have you believe, that he will go to AHS and be placed in a kennel??? NOT!!!

We trust those who want to know the real story will support our efforts.


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