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Princess Picks Week 14 - Giants v. Cowboys

Whoa girl, you got lucky again. The Jets were down 19-13 going into the 4th quarter and then scored 21 points to pull out the win. I guess Rex finally got his 3-ring circus to perform. Let me get some graham crackers ready for this week’s pick.

Shhh … he’s got me on a little bit of a diet because of my knees, but look at him … he’s counting them out like they were gold. Oh Please!!

Hey girl you ready for this week’s game?
Yeah I am John, did you finish counting out my calories for this one?
Come on, girl, it’s only for your benefit. We got the Giants and the Cowboys this week.


Giants vs. Cowboys

Doesn’t get any easier as the season goes on girl.
Ummm John ................ the Cowboys haven’t won a game in December since I don’t know whe,n and then take into account the Giants 2nd half of the season collapses the last couple of years. Well, one of them is going to win by accident.

Princess makes her pick.

Princess picks the Giants to Win!!

Girl how can you talk about your Giants like that?
Easy John, haven’t you been paying attention the last couple of years? But they did play a good game last week even though they lost. Eli will out gun Romo.


Girl what are you doing ...... what kind of sound are trying to make?
John, I am getting ready for the holiday season and practicing my Christmas Carols. Come on now, sign along with me, it will really make you feel good and get you in the spirit. Just try it … ready? follow my lead.


Grandma got run over by a reindeer ...... walking home from our house Christmas Eve ... and then a beautiful, heroic Camel came and saved her .......................

Ha Ha!! I don't think that’s how it goes Princess.
That’s the way I’ve always heard it John.
Well it was a lot of fun. Thanks, girl. I guess we were lucky .... we’re not open yet and no one heard us. But you were right … it was fun!! Good luck this week.

Results: Princess is correct! Giants beat the Cowboys 37-34.


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