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Week 8 for Princess - Giants v. Dolphins

Well John, how did we do this past week? By the look on your face, it doesn't look like we did too good!

Girl, you were doing pretty good at half time, the Chargers were winning 21-10. Then your old buddy Plaxico, you remember the guy who shot himself in the leg. Well, he caught 2 touchdown passes in the 2nd half for the Jets and that all about wrapped up your 3rd loss for the season.

Oh John, I knew it, every once in a while the loud mouth funny man Rex is right.



John I canít worry about it, give me one of those grahams and tell me who we got this week.




Princess, looks like they're throwing you a bone; weíve got the Giants playing the winless Miami Dolphins

Throwing me a bone, eh? How about a box of graham crackers! Well, on paper this appears to be an easy one, but you never know. The Giants are known for playing down to the competition.

Princess picks her team.

She picks the Giants to win!



Girl, on paper it always looks easy. I hope youíre right. The last 3 weeks you havenít been doing so well.




Ahem.(clearing her throat). Well, John, it has a lot to do with the effort put out by the teams I pick, itís not all just my fault and the Giants had a week to rest up.

Girl, they have a history of not doing well after a bye week.


Never mind that John, let me relieve you of that last graham cracker you have there.

Alright girl, good luck this week.

Results: Princess was correct! Giants beat the Dolphins, 20 - 17!


I Don't Know Why He Swallowed That GOLFBALL!
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