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Where are Stray Pets Going in Union City, North Bergen, Bayonne



Roseann Trezza, Executive Director
September 20, 2011

Towns Not Adhering to State Law
AHS Learns Where Stray Pets Go in Union City, North Bergen, West New York and Bayonne

NEW JERSEY STATE LAW mandates that all municipalities have a safe place to hold stray cats and dogs for seven days so that their owners may find them. However, four area towns have been less than upfront in disclosing where they keep those animals.

Associated Humane Societies has tried through proper channels the past two years to learn where stray animals from North Bergen, Union City, West New York and now Bayonne are held for 7 days in accordance with State law.

The AHS has ascertained that the stray dogs go in to the basement of Dr. Carlos Triana, Summit Animal Clinic in Union City. However, it appears that most people are unable to gain access to the basement of Dr. Triana's office to search for a lost pet.

“It appears these towns are not only crushing the hopes of resident pet owners to find their beloved family pets, but they are also breaking the law,” said AHS/Popcorn Park Executive Director Roseann Trezza. “As an animal advocacy organization, we are working hard to see that this blatant disregard comes to a halt.”

Under DHSS Title 8:23A.1.10, an impound facility must be licensed to accept strays and must be open for public access for at least two hours each day from Monday through Friday, and two hours on Saturday or Sunday. The facility must be licensed as an impound facility and establish a procedure for the viewing of confined animals during posted hours.

When AHS staff and pet owners spoke with the Health Officer and Police of Union City, North Bergen, West New York and Bayonne, no one had clear information as to where a pet owner could go to locate their beloved pet. Those who have tried to advance the conversation are given a phone number for an individual who will take a description of the missing dog or cat and will allegedly return a call if they believe that the animal was picked up.

During the past two years, efforts were made by the Associated Humane Societies to have this matter investigated by the State Dept. of Health and Senior Services but without success.

AHS urges residents who were unsuccessful in their efforts to gain access to view strays from your town, please contact us.


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