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URGENT- Proposed Legislation Could Put Your Pet's Life At Risk

Senate Bill 2923 (Sweeney) and Assembly Bill 4036 (Burzichelli) establishes a pilot program for altering of dogs/cats for adoption from various facilities and updates the law concerning impoundment. The bill has passed both Houses and went to Gov. Chris Christie for signature. Unfortunately, there are sections of this bill which could drastically impact your pet's life and survival. If your animal is picked up by a pound/shelter and it appears sick, injured, etc., the pound can euthanize the animal before 7 days. There is no mention of veterinarians or by what yardstick to measure if an animal could or should be saved. Is a broken leg a reason to euthanize? An owner may want to have it fixed. We could mention many scenarios; however, it is in the actual compassion of the shelter that will determine this and budgetary restraints.

The bill will also allow shelters/pounds to give stray dogs and cats to rescue groups before the 7 day hold. Your adorable dog or cat may never find its way back home if the shelter wants to find a rescue to take it.

There are pounds/shelters that will take advantage of early euthanasia or as give-aways to rescues. Please contact Gov. Chris Christie within 45 days of this article's posting date at P O Box 001, Trenton, N J 08625, Phone: 609-292-6000 and give your opinion.


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