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Madonna Mia and Chloe Together!

Madonna Mia, right, and her pup, Chloe, play ball together!

The home page of the website is always devoted to the stories of many of the needy orphans awaiting adoption. We fail to include the "Happy Endings" which are usually included in the HUMANE NEWS -- but there is never enough room in the magazine and so many stories are left buried in the pile of photos and letters to be included in a future issue. As a supporter of AHS, we want you to know how important your donations are and how you help to make a difference in the lives of the animals that come through our doors.

Madonna Mia and her pups were left to exist underneath a porch in a Monmouth County residence in sub-freezing temperatures. The hard, cold dirt was their bed. Madonna was in poor condition and 2 of her pups died within a short time after arrival. (Read the story here. Besides neglect and emaciation, she was found to be heartworm positive.

Mom and the family were sent to the Popcorn Park Animal Clinic for medical care. After successful completion of the heartworm treatment, Madonna was taught basic commands, playtime with other dogs and walked several times a day. When it seemed that Madonna was going to be with us for a much longer time, she was added to the Share-A-Pet Program in May. All of her pups were adopted but Chloe, was recently returned.

Catherine Fernicola of Jackson recently adopted Madonna Mia and thankfully, she also took Chloe to keep the family together. They are thriving in their new, loving environment and share the love, toys, balls and bones with their canine companions, Sasha and Annabelle and also Stubby the cat.

Our thanks to Catherine for opening her wonderful heart and her home to these two orphans. We are sharing some pictures here .... but there are some great ones that may hopefully make it to our 2012 calendar! A letter has also been received which will be included in the next issue of the HUMANE NEWS.

This happy ending could have only been made possible by contributions to the Res-Q Fund to help with the much-needed emergency and long-term medical care of Madonna and her pups.  Please donate to our ResQ-Fund and help save lives and create Happy Endings!



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