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Dog Escapes Tragedy - Hot Weather Tips for Pets



CONTACT: Grace Sanchez or Alicia Meeks
June 9, 2011

Dog Found in Hot Car -- Sweet Terrier Escapes Tragedy on Sultry Memorial Day Weekend

TINTON FALLS, NJ – It’s a sad and sobering statistic. It takes as little as 10 minutes for a dog to die from heat stress and asphyxiation when left unattended in a hot car.

Bear, a sweet one-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix, could have been such a statistic had it not been for an attentive Oceanport Police Officer. Bear was found by police alone in his owner’s car at the Monmouth Raceway parking lot at 4:30 p.m. on this past very hot Memorial Day. Police found the dog extremely distressed, removed him from the car and called Animal Control Officers at Associated Humane Societies’ Tinton Falls Animal Care Center.

Bear, a Yorkshire terrier mix, was rescued from a hot parked car and is looking for a forever home. File TF-64838-M

Bear’s owner was notified by police that the dog had been confiscated. The Toms River resident worked and kept the dog crated for 10 hours a day. The day of the incident the owner had given the dog to a family member who obviously was irresponsible for allowing this to occur.

Bear was signed over to the Society to find a loving family who will be its new forever home. The Yorkie mix is good with kids and very sweet. Bear is now at the Society's Tinton Falls facility at 2960 Shafto Road, near the Rt. 33-34 Circle, 732-922-0100.

When it comes to avoiding tragedy, Bear is one of the lucky ones. “We don’t have formal numbers how many dogs fall ill or die from being kept in hot cars, but unfortunately, we see many of them come through our doors each year,” said Associated Humane Societies Executive Director Roseann Trezza. “In 100 percent of these cases, tragedy can be prevented by simply not leaving the dog in a car.”

Associated Humane Societies offers the following tips for keeping your pet cool this summer.

* Leave pets home on warm days. Don’t take your dog to the beach, where there is little respite from hot sand and sun,

* Use a drive-up window for some restaurants, banks and pharmacies. Pet stores are pet-welcome places for your dog.

* On a trip, bring plenty of fresh drinking water and a bowl.

* Don't let dogs ride in the back of a pick-up truck as the hot metal can burn a dog's paws.

* If you see a dog in a vehicle on a hot day, make note of the car make, model, color and license plate. Call the police as they will be able to respond more quickly than local animal control.

To learn more about Bear, contact us or visit the Associated Humane Societies Animal Care Center in Tinton Falls. We are open 7 days a week.


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