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Once Beaten and Abused, Tiffany Is Now Cherished

This 4 year old female long-haired tortoise shell was adopted by the Society to an Ocean County resident. In violation of our contract, the individual gave it to her daughter and 4 year old granddaughter as a holiday present. Following a visit from the daughter's ex-husband, "Tiffany" had been beaten so severely that she lost an eye, suffered head trauma, a fractured tooth, pneumothorax (air within the chest cavity) and anorexia. The violence allegedly took place in front of the 4 year old daughter. The Society was notified that the cat was at the Iselin Veterinary Emergency Hospital where it was being treated and stabilized. The Society became aware that the family was going to take possession of the cat.

Tiffany, after emergency care was provided, and back at AHS.

The Society found it necessary to go to court so that the cat would not be returned to the home from which it had come. The NJ SPCA wanted the cat returned to the home in which it had been beaten. The NJ SPCA rebuked AHS for taking possession of the cat. Why would we want to return it to the home where it had been beaten and lost an eye? The Society won an injunction to halt the cat from being returned to the family. Tiffany was brought to the Society's Forked River facility and shortly thereafter, Deborah Earl of Moorestown, NJ adopted this wonderful cat.

Tiffany, now named Wink, finally relaxing in her loving home.

Deb wrote to us saying: "Thank you, thank you, thank you for "Wink" - formerly known as Tiffany. "My husband thinks she's winking at him, thus the name change. While still skittish, (can you blame her?), she's settling in nicely. Thought you'd like to see how happy she is in her new home."

Presently, A-1633/A-2509 would permit courts to include animals on domestic violence restraining orders. It has passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee and will wait to be voted on by the full Assembly. There are 20 states that have already passed similar laws. There are many states that leave animals outside of the court's protection. The animals are used against women as a tool of revenge. Please contact your Assemblymen to support this bill.



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