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Glynda the Glue Trap Cat Finds Loving Home

Glynda's story begins with an unsettling event. It was in October of 2003 the Society received a call to send an ambulance for a cat in distress. A small black and white tuxedo cat had been found by apartment maintenance people with her whole body and face adhered to a rat glue trap.  The maintenance people had pulled the glue trap off, and put her in a box to protect her from the rain.

What was left of the cat's fur was a thick, hardened mass which could neither be shaved nor cut away. So staff rolled up their sleeves and massaged vegetable oil into the matted mess of her coat, while she patiently endured the ordeal.  Despite the harrowing experience, petite Glynda purred like a motorboat.

Her next step, once at our Forked River facility, was to see a veterinary specialist who evaluated her dislocated shoulder, a problem that took back seat to the removal of the glue from her coat. Surgery helped a great deal, although she walked with a chronic limp. We added Glynda to our Share-A-Pet program, hoping to give her an extra chance for love. And so in Kitty City she waited, a big favorite with staff, until one event changed her life.

Not far away, in the home of two animals lovers, a beloved cat passed away from the complications of feline aids. Deeply saddened, but wishing to share their love with another feline, Barb and Gary Zidd began looking at the Share-A-Pets in Kitty City.  It was Glynda that stole their hearts.

Glynda was just adopted in mid-May, and In a follow-up note, the Zidds write:

"Glynda "Lindy" for short is adjusting well.  She was at first spooked by just about every sound in the house like cooking pots and lids, sliding chairs, feet on the floor, but now just ignores most of these.  Funny thing is she isn't bothered by a vacuum which sends her new brother and sister into hiding.  She has taken to sleeping with us at nights now and loves to attack hands and feet under the covers.  Her brother (Calvin) and sister (Sarah) at first ignored her but later said "Who is this new cat?" but then went back to ignoring her.  She is the aggressor in most cases.  What is funny, she will jump into your lap and start purring and then notice that one of the other cats is sleeping next to you and start to hiss at them. Calvin and Sarah  just ignore her though.  All in all she is adapting well and all are getting along wonderfully.  Every once in a while they have a standoff but it is more about who has the right of way through a door passage they both want to use."

It's been a comfortable wait in Kitty City, but at last Glynda has what she really wants (and deserves) the most ... a warm lap.

To see how you might help a kitty like Glynda, take a look at cats awaiting sponsorship on out Share-A-Pet program - each as loving and deserving as Glynda - we're sure there's one waiting for you.



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