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5/6/2011-Patrick Update

This is one of the few updates AHS can give. GSVS has not allowed us to take pictures nor take Patrick outside. The actions taken by GSVS has made it impossible for us to do what we would like to do. More announcements will come at a later date. This is a very sad state of affairs especially to AHS -- all we did was save a starving dog.

From Physical Therapist, Susan Davis ...

Patrick's latest PT visit was on 5-3-11 at GSVS. I am disappointed that I do not have pictures or video to submit as the AHS staff who came to visit Patrick and document his care was forbidden to take any photos by GSVS. GSVS cited a letter they had received from Mayor Corey Booker.

On a positive note however, I can report that Patrick is making progress at an amazing rate. He is more playful and interactive during PT. The only significant deficits that remain are some reduced muscle bulk in the left thigh and leg, and lowered endurance. His strength is now Good plus grade in the left hindlimb, Good grade for the abdominals and core groups, and Normal for the right hindlimb and both forelimbs! His standing topline and posture are near-normal. He is starting to be trained in proper leash walking, and I am using a harness that helps me control him from his natural center of gravity instead of pulling from the neck as with a traditional collar. During walking his cadence is brisk and he can now trot slowly for short intervals on grass. He can sustain a 10-15 minute leash walk now. There is no longer any favoring or lameness of the left hindlimb in the mornings as he displayed initially.

Patrick can now play a "rugged" bout of "tug-of-war" with his favorite rope toy, which is a great core and hindlimb strengthening activity. The frequency of PT can now be reduced from twice to once per week. I am progressing the level of activity and intensity of exercise while being mindful not to cause any form of stress to his body or fatigue. He continues to be a wonderful patien and a true joy to work with!

Susan E. Davis, PT

If you have not seen videos of Susan working with Patrick, please check our post on 4/27.



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