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Newark Politics Causes Needless Death

Newark Politics Gets in the Way of Real Animal Welfare

As a result of the media interest in Patrick the Starving Pit Bull, a cottage industry of websites has mushroomed with accompanying social media sites, primarily Facebook. Many of these haphazardly created Facebook pages are fostering and encouraging malicious baseless rumors about the AHS.

Tragically, because of this turmoil, it has created an atmosphere in which people are concerned about having animals brought to us. This fear has caused the needless death of a tan female Chihuahua that had been hit by a car on Summer Ave in Newark on April 26th. The concerned citizen called Newark Animal Control. One of their ACOs advised the Summer Ave resident that the dog would only be put to sleep by AHS.

Because of that fear, she waited until Friday, April 30 at 5:30 p.m. to bring the injured dog to the AHS. As we do with all after-hour emergencies, the dog was brought to the Emergency Veterinary Service in Caldwell where it died shortly after arrival.

It should be noted that Newark will not pay for any veterinary care given by our veterinary staff during regular hours or any emergency after hour service by outside veterinary service. Newark pays for no veterinary care.

It was out of sheer empathy and compassion that we took on the financial responsibility for Patrick, the Pit bull in recent news who was nearly starved to death, tormented and tortured. We do this with every sick and injured dog that comes through our doors that needs vet care.

Among some of the rumors about AHS is the euthanasia rate of 30%-40%. What these so-called animal lovers and animal groups did not say is that the AHS takes in many animals from pet owners who cannot afford private veterinary services for euthanasia as the cost is too high. We perform this humanitarian service at a low cost and often times at no charge. We also euthanize dogs who have displayed aggression beyond rehabilitation. We have several dog behaviorists who do this at our Newark facility, as we also do at our Tinton Falls and Forked River locations. Additionally, we humanely euthanize very elderly dogs who, if kept alive, as in Corey Booker's "no euthanasia" warehousing of animals, the aging dog would only mourn and languish slowly -- suffering until it dies.

For those of you in the Facebook population reading malicious stories, please visit our shelters to see for yourself. The Society is open 7 days a week from noon until 5 p.m.

Because of our vocal opposition to Mayor Booker's no kill shelter, he has made negative comments to residents of Newark and throughout the state about AHS. This has also given his Animal Control Officers to have free rein in what they say to residents and to our customers. As a result, a tiny Chihuahua desperately in need of medical care was left to suffer for four days until it was too late to save its life.

We appreciate the fact that the woman who had tried to help the dog finally put aside the negative things she had been told about AHS and brought the dog to us. Sadly, the Emergency Veterinary Clinic was unable to save its life. It died shortly after arrival. This little dog was used as a pawn in a political disagreement and it was the animal who suffered. This is what is also happening with Patrick. What a tragedy.


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