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Patrick's 5th Healing Session - 4/2

The Society staffers have not received any comments concerning the messages received below:

As usual it is not in any particular order as Patrick was sending me random images whilst I was doing his healing.

I am pleased that Patrick's energies feel more settled. He is still a bit tired though. The week end was a mix of rest and walks.

His nose was quite overwhelmed by new scents, did he go somewhere new for his walks?

I had the impression of chicken, almost like a KFC/Southern Fried box with drumsticks. Now I am a vegetarian so it was a bit of an odd image. It does not mean that Patrick had some, it means that he was aware of the smell of chicken. Perhaps someone ate something similar at the office this week end?

Has Patrick put on weight since the last few days? I had the impression of a slight increase of his weight and his muscles seem to be a bit bigger. It feels like a dry sponge that is slowy taking on water, and little by little becoming fuller:-)

Patrick showed me his tail for some reason, the base of the tail.....I sense a slight discomfort. Has he got a scar, a scratch, a sore there?

I had the impression of the stomach still being unsettled ........ kind of feeling bloated (does not mean it is physically, it is just an impression of bloating). I also had the impression that the hind legs, the lower back and pelvis area are stiff. A bit of itchiness with the back.
I saw a needle ..... so I don't know if Patrick had an injection or something done since Friday?
Impression of movement of the legs, assessement of his muscles, tendons or bones?

I still have a kind of sensitivity with the neck. I wonder if, in the future, when Patrick will hopefully be back to a normal size if, instead of a collar it would be better to use a harness. Better control and less pressure on his trachea.

Patrick likes crunchy things to nibble on .... and chewing things, although I felt discomfort when chewing things that are too hard.

Patrick showed me a disturbing picture of himself chewing on a metal bar or something similar. I don't know what it means, but I felt the teeth chewing on the metal ...... Very hard on the teeth:-(

I worked on his muscular mass, concentrating on the back and hind legs. Worked on his digestive system, his skeleton, his neck, vertabraes, trachea, tendons and his sores ......the whole body. Patrick absorbed the healing quite well and seemed to enjoy the whole process.

I asked Patrick a few basic questions (active communication)

How do you feel emotionally?The impression I had was that he is feels less scared and kind of happy. He likes being around people and has very little fear of them. I sensed strongly that he enjoys the attention he is getting and to him it is such a new experience, that he is just living it to the fullest.

Have you got any pain?
Patrick showed me his back legs and back. I think it is stiffness/discomfort as opposed to a sharp pain.

What else can we do to make you more comfortable?
Patrick replied "more food please" (*please note that animals do not speak any human languages, so Patrick did not use English or French, but the way it conveyed his answer made me translate his feelings in a coherent fashion which is a language).

Do you know what you have ingested?
I had the impression of a kind of food with wrapping, something sugary like a candy/chocolate bar perhaps. Impression that he wolfed down the whole thing with its wrapping.

I finished the session by telling him of the love we all have for him and all the support and love he has from many people. He felt contented and kind of tired.

Best wishes


These pictures are proprietary to the Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park. No one has the right to use or reproduce these pictures.


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