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Patrick's Healing - Night of 4/1/2011

Society staffer comments are in bold:

The energies were a bit better than yesterday, although the little guy is still tired. He has gained 2 pounds and is much more animated

Below is what happened during the session in no particular order, as I cannot remember all and it will come back in my mind as I type.

Please note that I am working with Patrick's energy field around his body, and what he tries to convey to me is given in form of images, impressions, feelings, sounds, tastes, hearing etc .... I then need to translate this into something coherent and understandable. Not all of it makes sense to me, hence some of my questions.

His energies have picked up since yesterday and I had an impression of heat. Now, I know his temperature was not good when he was rescued, has his body temperature stabilised at a normal or almost normal level now? Has he got heated pads underneath his bed or was he somewhere a bit warmer today? The heat felt nice:-) He was in the administrative offices laying on and covered with blankets.

I also had the distinctive impression that Patrick has been more inquisitive and at some point he showed me an impression of him with his head in something, and being very intrigued about what was inside the something ..... it looks like a bag/envelope or similar with things/treats in there? There were boxes, envelopes, etc. with toys, treats and he was investigating his new-found presents

Is he becoming more inquisitive? A symbolic picture popped into my head of a monkey.....not a real one, a toy or similar.....has he received a monkey/toy? Or perhaps someone calls him monkey? There was a box of toys in the office and one of them that was taken out was green monkey

I also had the impression of movement with the legs and stretches......is he having physiotherapy or similar to help with the muscles?

The stomach/abdomen area felt a bit bloated and "heavy", like when we had to much to eat kind of thing. A slight discomfort. His abdomen has some fluid in it. This is what I felt.

Food is on his mind a lot ..... Does he get a small meal or treat during the afternoon?

As usual I explained to Patrick what I was going to do with him. I asked him to relax and we worked on his digestive system, his muscles, his whole skeleton and of course his sores. We worked on his energy level and his tiredness too. It feels like his skin is improving and is becoming more hydrated. I felt some itchiness around his back though.

I finished the session by telling him that everybody around him is there to make him feel better, that the tests that he has had and no doubt will have in the Future are to help him and not to be afraid as we all love him and would not do anything to hurt him. I told him about all the messages of love from all over the world that people are sending to him and that everybody wishes him to get stronger soon.

At that point, he just showed me himself yawning which is a great at it is a sign of release (and not boredom or tiredness as in human's understanding).

Best wishes,


These pictures are proprietary to the Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park. No one has the right to use or reproduce these pictures.



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