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Patrick's Second Healing Session

Below is Patrick's second healing session with Oephebia. Comments in bold are the responses from GSVS.

I hope you gave a lot of cuddles to the little guy on behalf of all his followers around the world:-)

Tonight Patrick's session was from 8.00 pm to 8.30 pm (BST) which was roughly 3.00 pm to 3.30 pm your time. You are 5 hours behind the UK if I am not mistaken?

This is an account of what happened tonight, not in any order as so much happened and I need to remember it all.

First I connected with Patrick and the connection was almost instantaneous, like he knew what was coming. His energies were a bit more lively today, like he was excited and I felt a clear feeling of happiness with him. I know you said you were going to visit him, but I had the impression of people being more around him today for some reason or more people on the ward where he is kept? I had this impression of activity. At the time you were in touch with Patrick, Channel 12 was there, Bruce Sanchez and Roseann Trezza of the Associated Humane Societies was there. And there was lots of activity.

Patrick made it clear that what was on his mind was food (is his appetite on the increase?), His food has been increased to that of a 50 pound dog.

cuddles (I had a strong feeling that he really enjoys cuddles now and will do more and more) and play (I had the distinct impression that Patrick likes to play and he showed me himself as a puppy playing with a sheet or something similar). He is a lovely guy and something feels pure and innocent with his spirit. Patrick was playing with a ball, was walking around the administrative offices.

One of the feelings I had from him is of gratitude.

I explained to him what I intended to do to help him with his body, and together we worked on his muscles, from head to toe, from superficial muscles to deep muscles. His muscular mass is so tiny that I really wonder how on earth he can stand up or, even move. We also worked on his bones, rib cage, jaw and throat.

The throat still feels quite constricted to me and I wonder if it is due to the sorry state he is in or if it is more ancient. Patrick sent me a disturbing image of him being constricted by something like a rope or something similar and being left like that. I think he must have pulled and pulled to try to free himself. The image went so fast in my mind and took me by surprise as I was not communicating with him at that point, but doing healing. But as you know I leave the communication channel open for Patrick to express himself if he wants to.

I also had an impression that his body is craving some minerals, magnesium, calcium, sodium and vitamins as well. This may sound obvious but I don't know if that could help the recovery of the muscular mass or if Patrick is receiving some vitamins/minerals supplements already? Patrick is on a special formula food with plenty of vitamins and minerals, sufficient for his needs.

During the healing, Patrick showed me a white dog and the feeling I have is that this little dog is quite sick too. There were two small white dogs in the hospital today.

It doesn't mean the dog is close to Patrick in his pen or that the dog is still there. I just saw a sick white dog and Patrick feels sorry for this dog. A bit of a random image here. I did not communicate actively with Patrick as I am happy to concentrate on his body first before I start communicating with him about his feelings and emotions later during the week. Although he expressed spontaneously his happiness and gratitude.

The healing was very deep, it felt like Patrick was taking everything I was giving him in terms of healing energy. He is like a dry sponge soaking up everything. Bless his heart:-)

It will be interesting to see how Patrick is going to be within today and tomorrow, if he is more alert, or trying to bark (I had this feeling that he wants to bark or more likely to express himself vocally) or more playful, or even start to be mischievous (I think he has that wonderful energy buried in him). It will take a while for the healing to show on the physical body as he is in a really sorry state, although progressing. If it is possible, I would like to have a picture of the sores he has on his back to help me focus the healing on that part of his body (we all work differently as healers, I am very visual) He has started to bark in the last few days.

I finished the healing session by telling him that many people love him and wish him well (thanks to the people who contacted me to ask me to pass on their love to Patrick) and I think he was a bit tired but happy.

Best wishes,


These pictures are proprietary to the Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park. No one has the right to use or reproduce these pictures.



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