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Patrick's First Healing with Oephebia

This was Patricks's first healing session on March 29th.We are including the vet's comments in bold: Thank you Oephebia!

I am sure that you know about healing and how it works. I just wanted to say that I am doing all I can for Patrick's broken body and for his emotional side. Healing does help on the mind body and spirit, but ultimately Patrick's body will be the one able to kick its own healing abilities. Patrick's spirit is determined and hopefully with the help of all involved (I think the vets have done an amazing job and all the people involved in his care), this little man will pull through. As you know he is not out of the woods yet. Healing has its limitation too.

However, I am happy to report that Patrick's first healing session was tonight from 7.30 pm to 8.15 pm BST (British Summer Time). I have no idea how it translates to your time in the US.

Ok this is what I gathered, when I connected with Patrick. Please bear in my mind that the feelings, emotions, sensations are my own understanding and translation of what Patrick is going through.

 Physical level

I felt immediately some nausea, cold and aches and anxiety. My breathing was slightly laboured as it hurts when I breathe (rib cage area)

It seems to me that Patrick's trachea is a bit constricted or bruised? Did he had a tube inserted in there? No tube, fortunately

Patrick may be experiencing some pain/discomfort when he swallows his food.

The jaws are tight and around the maxilla it felt tender.

Teeth are not so good, is there a cracked tooth/teeth or some tooth broken? Teeth are worn, stained - none apparently broken

All that what was I felt, I don't know if it makes sense.

His eyesight seems OK and he can hear well.

The rib cage area felt swollen or bruised? I had the impression of crushed bones. He has pressure sores over ribs/bony prominences

Some of the rib cage felt consistent with being kicked?

I had this impression but didn't want to ask questions to him directly as I wanted to feel his body to be able to direct the healing where it is needed. As we progress with the healing sessions, I will ask Patrick more info regarding his past when he will be ready (I worked on his emotional side tonight too)

The cervical vertebrae + 12th/13th thoracic vertebrae felt tender or not quite right:-(

The legs are sore and muscles are aching, although I could not sense any broken bones on the legs. Does it make sense? Yes, he is still very weak and muscle wasted

The paws seemed ok, with perhaps a need for a pedicure/manicure at some point:-)Yes!

When I scan his body going into the base, I sense that Patrick might still be entire? Has he been neutered? Not yet!

The base chakra felt quite lively.....which make me think that he might be still entire. If he is not, I am happy that this region is lively which means his urinary system is working just fine:-)

Regarding the foreign body, I had the impression that it is located in the stomach/duodenum region rather than the large intestines. In stomach

Does it make sense?

Emotional level

Patrick was not afraid of my energies and I could feel that he is trusting people.

Not a bad bone in his body. I apologised to him for the horror he went through and promised him that all the people involved in his care will never let this happen to him ever. I told him that everybody wish him well and that we all love him. I think he was scared because he doesn't know love and to have all these people nurturing him and helping him was a bit too overwhelming for him, so he got anxious. He showed me some grass and the feeling I had is that he likes going outside on the grass and he likes the sun on his body, cos it feels very nice:-) *at that point I just wanted to cry but didn't for his sake*

We worked on his respiratory system, his digestive system and his bones. We also work on his emotional level and after the session I had a big headache and felt very tired, which is a good sign. It means that Patrick soaked up on the healing. Oh yes, does he sleep well or he is a bit fidgety in his sleep?

I think he might go quiet and have a nap. Sleeps a lot and apparently very well!

Let me know if all the above make some sort of sense.

I would appreciate to have a rough idea about his physical condition, in order to direct the healing in the right organs/muscles/bones etc.....I did my own scanning of Patrick's body to see where the healing is most needed, but if I could have a vet report, it will help me to go where it is needed most. Still weak and wobbly when walks and muscle mass needs to improve strength. So far, internal organs doing OK

Give him a big cuddle for me and I will do his 2nd healing tomorrow around the same time 7.30/8.00 pm BST.

Best wishes,

On March 31st, Oephebia gave us the following message: The bold letters are what we have been told.

His energies were not as good as yesterday, it feels like he is tired. The energies felt disconnected and like in cotton wool. Has Patrick had some kind of medical test(s) very recently since I last communicated with him? I don't know but his energies did not feel buoyant like yesterday. I felt a slight distension of his stomach. An ultrasound was done on Patrick and the mass of some kind is in the stomach. Once he gains strength and weight, more will be done to address that problem.

He was also very quiet today, which is a bit unusual for him as he loves the healing. I worked on his general well being, concentrating on his sores, his muscles and his energies, to try to top them up. He spent a good deal of time in the administrative offices on the second floor, resting among the blankets and toys he has received.

I didn't get any messages as he is so quiet and tired.

Could you let me know if any of the above make sense as I am a bit worried tonight about him.


These pictures are proprietary to the Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park. No one has the right to use or reproduce these pictures.



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