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3/30/2011-Patrick's Abuser's Charge Upgraded and More


We have received the following e-mail from Col. Frank Rizzo of the NJ SPCA regarding Patrick's abuse case:

"Please let this serve as an update on the Patrick the Pitbull case against Kisha Curtis. After careful consideration, we have decided to upgrade the charges against Ms. Curtis from disorderly persons offenses to indictable offense 4:22-17 (b)1 - torment and torture. The public must know that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior towards animals in the State of N J and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. "

Photo courtesy of NJ SPCA

Pictured above is the trash removal area in the basement where Patrick was found in a plastic bag.


The Society was contacted by Pat Smllie-Scavelli, Administrator at Garden State Veterinary Specialists. According to Pat: "Patrick played ball with me for a little while today. He likes to chew but I think his teeth are still sensitive. We are socializing him by bringing him up to my office for an hour or so to make sure that he is okay with people. He likes to go under my desk more than on his bed.

Patrick gives kisses to staff at Garden State Veterinary Specialists

"He still tires easily but he has gained a little weight. His body has shown significant improvement compared to the first photos and of course he wags his tail. It is no longer curled under his body."

On another front, Patrick received his first healing session from Oephebia in the U.K. Read the complete details here.


These pictures are proprietary to the Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park. No one has the right to use or reproduce these pictures.



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