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Animal Communicator Talks to Patrick/Update 4/6

This love-starved fella has been on NJ News12, ABC News, in the Star Ledger, has his own Facebook page, and is slowly improving.

In such instances as Patrick, we contact Colleen Nicholson, author of Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, and an animal communicator. Below is what she has received from Patrick:

"I hope to live here," Patrick says as I talk with him now as I write to you. "I feel better."

Patrick shares with me the feeling of relief, complete and utter relief. He is very quiet, and does not offer any more than that, so I'll question him.

I'm asking him if there is anything he needs.

"I have it all," he replies, as if looking around at his surroundings. "I even have these," and he shows me his blue buddy that I did see in the picture you sent. "It is soft," and with this he shows me that it has been the softness around him that is so very much appreciated. It feels as if he is not as sore as when he came in and by this I mean that because he was literally skin and bones, he hurt a lot from laying on hard surfaces. He didn't have the strength to get up to move, not that there was anything softer to move to if he could.

As he looks at me, he does not give the impression of a smile, rather a weary look but one that has reason to keep looking, keep waiting, to see what I will do or say next.

I'm telling him that I am very sorry that he has come to the state of being he was in before coming here. I'm asking him if he would like to tell us anything about that time but he says No and turns to lay his head down. I respect him not wanting to relive any of that, if even in thought, so I'm asking him now if there is anything he would like the loving people who are caring for him know?

"Yes. I would like them to know that I like meat.
"I don't know how to get up quickly.
"The tops of my feet are sore, thank you for holding them.
"I have a new nose, I think." (he seems to mean he can smell things again and I feel like it is the beneficial result of the fluids.

I'm asking him if there is anything else he would like to tell his new people and he says "Yes... I like my name."

He feels like he may have a problem swallowing and likes the small bits of food he is getting. I can't tell if he has always had this swallowing issue or not, and he doesn't indicate if he feels it will improve.

He still is very quiet, answering only when I ask. As if he is watching life as a spectator more than a participant. He seems to only engage when people come around.

He is comforted by the presence of people and doesn't share any feelings of fear of them with me, in spite of what has happened to him.

"I am broken," he says suddenly. "I don't know why."

I'm telling him that we don't know either. I'm showing him that the people of his future will always treat him with love and kindness ... that the people caring for him now may not be the ones he stays with forever because they want him to be well and to have new people who he can share joyful times with in a place more comfortable than where he is now.

He seems a little interested in this I think, because I saw a quick question in him mind of surprise... better than now? He can't imagine it.

He seems to be pulling away now (4:30 p.m.) and I don't know if someone is with him or he's tired. It's not that he is hard to communicate with, that is really the opposite. Rather it seems he is still a bit blank ... a watcher of life instead of a participant ... although I do feel like he has thought of trying to wag his tail. It's a brief thought and I don't know if he would have the strength to make it happen, but the thought is there. To me, this is a very good sign of a dog who is anticipating something good ... which has to give him a reason to go on.

March 22, 2011


UPDATE - APRIL 6, 2011

I am happy to see that Patrick continues to improve and although I'm not surprised, it is great to see it in his face in the pictures that continue to be posted. I am thinking you all must be sleeping much better as he gets stronger each day.

I was just reading this part of Ophebia's 2nd healing session:

I also had an impression that his body is craving some minerals, magnesium, calcium, sodium and vitamins as well. This may sound obvious but I don't know if that could help the recovery of the muscular mass or if Patrick is receiving some vitamins/minerals supplements already? Patrick is on a special formula food with plenty of vitamins and minerals, sufficient for his needs.

This is an important thing that I was going to write to you about yesterday as I was thinking about Patrick and he was immediately there. He showed me that he eats all the time, but he can't get enough. As a homeopath I understand why... even though he is getting the vitamins and minerals sufficient for his needs... they are based on an animal that can duly absorb those nutrient out of their food and I don't believe he is. This "demineralized" state often happens after a period of starvation; a severe illness (usually with vomiting or anorexia); or a failure to thrive situation. The homeopathic Tissue Salt (or Cell Salt) called Silica 6X or 12X given 2-3 times daily will help him regain the integrity in his gut so that he can absorb those nutrients better.

It is also an expulsion remedy and will facilitate the expulsion of foreign bodies from the system. I know he had a possible obstruction and don't know if that has been found or remedied or not, but Silica could help with that as well. We have to be aware of this when using it on horses that are shod as it will push the nails right out of their shoes. :)

I don't know if GS is open to an adjunct therapy as homeopathy, but I wanted you to know. If all agree, I'd be happy to get some to you for Patrick. Just let me know.

As always, if there is anything you want or need for Patrick, or any of the others, just let me know.

Colleen Nicholson


These pictures are proprietary to the Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park. No one has the right to use or reproduce these pictures.


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