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Humane News - April 2011

Check out our latest issue of the Humane News, April 2011, Volume 42, No. 2, featuring a great save and a miraculous recovery of the dog we've named Marvel, Happy Endings, and New Beginnings for the rescued cats and dogs from the North Carolina laboratory.

We've provided some important tax information as to how you can help animals at tax time, and great coverage on animals on all fronts. Read about Rhinos in Peril, what's happening with whaling, turtle rescues by AHS/Popcorn Park, what's new on the technology front as it pertains to animals, (including new apps!), news about lion rescues and conservation, animal testing updates, the amazing success in disease detection by our best friend, the dog, (his nose actually), and so much more.

We have lots of gorgeous dogs and cats to be adopted, new Share-A-Pets, (kitties still awaiting homes from the NC lab rescue), and the last snowy photos at Popcorn Park for the season. Learn more about the food you're eating and the plight of animals in entertainment. We've really covered a lot of hot topics this issue, as well as the kindness of kids and adults who have made a difference to animals at the Society/Popcorn Park.

Add to that, news on the local, state and country level, local legislation, airline updates and you'll be in the know on just about everything animal.

Here comes Spring ... the perfect time to
download your April 2011 issue!


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