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AHS/Popcorn Park Love Stories-Waiting for Cupid



CONTACT: Roseann Trezza, Executive Director
February 1, 2011

Waiting for Cupid’s Arrow:
AHS/Popcorn Park Love Stories

IF CUPID’S ARROW aims at animals as well as people, it definitely hit the hearts of Antonia and Francesco. These two seven-month-old Italian Greyhounds brought to the Associated Humane Societies Tinton Falls Animal Care Center, were given up by their owners, who also surrendered two four-year-old dogs of the same breed. The two pups are inseparable and available for adoption.

Antonia and Francesca are available for adoption at the AHS Tinton Falls Shelter. File TF-63077-SF & File TF-63078-NM.

“I can’t describe how much love and affection these two crave. You can just see it in their eyes. They are so dependent on each other. With this type of bond, these two babies need a forever home together,” said Roseann Trezza, Executive Director, AHS/Popcorn Park.

Even during Valentine’s season, abandoned, unwanted and abused dogs, cats, kittens and puppies make their way through the doors of Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park’s three Animal Care Centers, leaving it’s professional staff with their true labor of love – helping to heal and care for all these animals until Cupid’s arrow strikes and they find forever families.

“A day doesn’t go by when another needy animal comes to us -- another heartbreaking story that we hope to give a happy ending to. For us, that ending is the smiling face of a person, couple or family who walk out our doors with a peaceful, contented new animal companion,” Ms. Trezza said.

Waiting for the strike of Cupid’s arrow is Madonna, a pit bull terrier. Madonna was originally owned by a young man who didn’t really care for her, and then upon leaving home, left the dog in his mother’s care. Madonna spent that time in neglect, living under the family’s porch with little food or attention.

Madonna is also available for adoption at Tinton Falls, File TF-61962.

She then gave birth to a litter of pups under the porch. When neighbors saw the bleak lack of care and sustenance for her and her babies, the Society's Tinton Falls branch was contacted, and the owner gave up the dog and puppies, though Mama could barely lift her head, let alone nurse her pups.

A veterinary examination revealed a pathetically emaciated dog with missing hair, balding coat caused by malnourishment and a mineral deficiency, and bite wounds. Two of the young frail pups were immediately taken to Garden State Veterinary Hospital; one was saved by them but one died.

The sweet but reticent young dog was given antibiotics for the wounds, one badly infected ear and her wounds were flushed daily. It didn't take long for her physical weaknesses to improve and within several weeks, her babies found forever homes, Madonna is being treated for heartworm but during her stay AHS volunteers are socializing and training this sweet dog, who never really received human love.

“Just as cruel as being abused, being ignored also leaves its mark,” Ms. Trezza said. “In the right home, Madonna could be the perfect companion – a best friend.”

Unfortunately, for many, it’s just not the right time to bring a pet home. For those animal lovers, we offer the Share-A-Pet program and the Res-Q Fund.

Through Share-A-Pet, individuals can “sponsor” dogs and cats that are not available for adoption and will make their home at AHS’s Kitty City or Animal Haven Farm for the remainder of their lives. Res-Q Fund allocates donations for medical care that can become quite expensive, like Madonna’s heartworm treatment.

Whether you choose to sponsor a dog or cat through the Share-A-Pet program, donate to the ResQ Fund, or make a general donation to be applied where it is needed most, all contributions to AHS are completely tax deductible under Federal law 501 (c) 3.


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