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Wildlife Faces Many Perils - Needs Rehabilitators to Survive

Although many of us enjoy the wildlife that we see around us, most are unaware or simply don't think of the perils faced by these animals in an increasingly densely populated state. With the advance of building and development, wildlife is left with fewer and fewer places to live, and a reduction in their normal range for any given species. It is not unusual for wildlife to be found in greater abundance in suburban areas, and even in cities, wildlife that once had enough space to comfortably establish territorial boundaries, den and nest, and find adequate food.
Bumping up against man and his expanded lifestyles has taken a terrible toll on all forms of wildlife in every way. From being ensnared in our machinery, to becoming residents in our homes, to being hit by cars, to being the targets of cruelty and abuse by youth and others who resent their intrusion, these animals have suffered a great deal.
Pictured on these pages are photos from the Society's files of a wide variety of wildlife who have encountered such circumstances, and whom we've rescued to be later released. Without wildlife rehabilitators, animals such as these will endure pain and suffering, and untimely deaths. But with their help, animals will have a chance to begin a new life.
If it is your belief that the lives of our animal friends are important, then it is necessary for you to stand up for the people who dedicate their time to healing them.

The less rehabilitators there are, the more the average citizen will turn to pest control and exterminators. Read more on the dangers of leaving our wildlife in the hands of companies whose goal is not to heal and release.





You Can Make A Difference to NJ's Wildlife Now!
Rehabilitators Still In Need of Support

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