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Steelers V. Jets for Princess' Week 15


Man, girl that was bad!!! What did you eat last night?
I found a sandwich in the barn fridge, John.
Girl, that was a liverwurst and onion sandwich someone left in there last week! Good gosh, that was bad.
Well, it didn’t taste that bad going down, John.


John, gimme some of those graham crackers to take this taste out of my mouth.


Well you had a good call last week girl, the Giants came thru and won.



Yeah John, after flying all over the country, they finally had to play on Monday night in Detroit because the roof collapsed in Minn. I guess the football gods were angry because Favre wasn't starting. Let’s move on to the pick, John, I’m getting hungry for some of those grahams.

We’ve got the Jets playing the Steelers this week Princess.

PFFFFFFFFFFT!! (Raspberries) The Jets … that carnival, now they have sideshows with the assistant coaches tackling the other teams players. Do you believe that … what next, Coach Ryan parachuting onto the field in a clown costume?

Princess makes her pick

The Steelers to Win!!!

You going with the favorite this week girl? The Jets were embarrassed the last two weeks. I think Coach Ryan is going to be really riding these guys all week in practice. I’m sensing a big upset here Princess.

Heh, heh, heh…... Don’t make me laugh John, he’s been riding them alright, like one of those clown's in a rodeo. They might stay in the game a little bit but in the end the Steelers will be on top!!

Alright girl, it’s your pick. Good Luck!!

Hey John, did you ever try to whistle with a graham crackers in your mouth? Try it ..... no no never mind … you can’t do it. Anyway let’s get inside … it's cold out here.

Update: Princess was incorrect, though the game was close. Jets beat the Steelers 22-17.


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