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Princess Picks 2 games for Week 10!

Good job last week girl, you were right, it was a piece of cake for the Giants. The defense shut them down and the noise was not a factor for Eli.
I told you John. Now I think you should tell our audience just how wrong you were for trying to talk me out of that game.
Ah, youíre tough girl but I guess I do owe you.

To everyone out there who reads Princessís pick, yes I was wrong last week. Princess was right on about how the Giants were going to beat the Seahawks.

Come on now John, tell them how you are never going to question my pick again. Although sometimes I might pick the wrong team, it is the players and coaches who let ME down!


Hey girl thatís going a little too far. I told everybody I was wrong now letís get on to this weeks pick.
Well John at least tell them that I'm picking a double-header this week. Iíll pick two games and get double the graham crackers!!!



Princess your first pick is the Giants Vs Cowboys.





Oh lookie there John, The Giants Ė how about that!



Giants to win.



Youíre going with the Giants girl -- thatís a no brainer. You should have picked them two weeks ago when they played the Cowboys.
Oh donít bring that up, John. The Cowboys could have won that game. That coach is a ďBUMĒ.
Girl his name is Wade, his fathers name is Bum.
Oh John, Bum ... shum. The guy got fired anyway, and the Giants will still handle these Cowboys no matter who ďLittle Jerry JonesĒ has coaching this week. On to the next game.


Alright girl now it's the Jets vs the Browns turn


Princess picks the Browns.



Thatís right John I picked the Browns. They beat the Saints and Patriots in their last two games.

I donít know about that one girl, but itís your pick and you wanted to do two games this week.

Thatís right folks you heard it here first Ė Princess the Pigskin Prognosticator's first daily double of year, she's going with the Giants over the Cowboys, and believe it or not, she is picking the Browns to beat the Jets.
Alright John, you did that good. Did you ever think about becoming an announcer?
I've kicked the idea around girl.
Well donít quit your day job. Now how about some more of those graham crackers John.

UPDATE: Princess was wrong on her first pick - the Cowboys beat the Giants 33-20. And on her second pick, she was wrong again ... the Jets beat the Browns 26-20!


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