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Lions vs. Giants for Princess' Week 6

Hey girl, good pick. Jets beat Favre and the Vikings. Youíre on a roll 4 and 1. Youíre doing great.

John, I got one thing to say to you.
Donít you ever bring up my weight or size again. There are two things you never bring up to a woman. Her age or weight or size. That comment about me on a limb was way out of line.

Ah geez girl, Iím sorry. I didnít mean it like that. I donít know what I was thinking.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you guys are always sorry. Making comments that you shouldnít, texting inappropriate stuff to sideline reporters, like Bret did. You guys see a pretty girl and everything else goes out the window. You see what happened to him, I told you he was going to turn the ball over and he did just that three times. I guess he had other things on his mind. Like his wife leaving him.
Oh well, what game we got this week John?

Princess, the Lions are playing at the Giants this Sunday.

Princess making her choice.



Her pick is The Giants.


Now John, donít give me that stuff about how good Detroit is. So what they finally won a game last week and scored 40 points? They're not going to do that this week against the Giants. The Giants defense is going to have the Lions quarterback running for his life. Eli and the offense are in a real good rhythm right now.

Speaking of rhythm girl I heard that the producers of Dancing with the Stars called about your availability next season.

PFFFF, nah, youíre joking, John.

No girl, they really did, but I told them you have two left feet!!!

Uhhh - it wasn't about those skimpy costumes and how hard it would be to fit me?

Alright girl, here's a couple more graham crackers for your win last week.

Gee thanks, John. Say, I wonder why Bret Favre never texted me?

Probably because you donít have a phone, girl.

Check back after this game and see how Princess did - and that's without a text or call!

Princess is right again! She called it - Giants 28, Lions 20!



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