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S.O.S. - Save Our Star!

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. No sooner did we launch a large scale effort to rescue Beagles and cats from a cruel animal testing lab in the South than one of our horses became deathly ill.

Most recently, one of our small ponies, Star, had to be rushed to an equine hospital as she had colicked. Something had created an obstruction in her digestive tract, and she was unable to eat or to pass what was already in her system. Popcorn Park veterinarian Dr. Baris treated Star in the same manner as she had successfully done in the past when Star occasionally colicked, but this time without any results . We trailered Star immediately to Mid-Atlantic Equine Center. Their veterinarians determined that surgery was necessary. What they found was a 3 foot blockage of unchewed hay in her intestines. Luckily, because Star was brought to them so quickly, the vets were able to remove the blockage through an incision, rather than remove 3 feet of her intestine.

After the surgery, however, they wanted to keep her longer as she wasnít yet eating and her kidney values were off. They continued to run IV fluids and monitor her with repeated blood analysis.

The cause of Starís blockage is due to an underlying jaw problem that resulted in her swallowing her food whole, rather than chewing it. The vets at Mid-Atlantic floated her teeth, hoping the additional dental work might make chewing more comfortable and effective. From this point onward, Star will have to eat only pre-chopped hay, considerably more costly than the hay in bales she has been eating. In addition, both Troy and Early Surprise, with whom she shares her paddock, will also have to be on this costlier diet to prevent Starís colicking again.

As of 10/1, Star has been at Mid-Atlantic for 13 days. Her veterinary bill is estimated to be between $9,000 and $12,000. Equine veterinary work is costly due to the size of the animal, but of course, we were committed to doing whatever it took to save Starís life.

Star is now eating and weíre hoping sheíll be home at Popcorn Park on Friday, Oct.1 Weíve raised the S.O.S. (Save Our Star) flag because she really needs your support, and we need your support in helping with her vet bills.

Please make a donation today, and indicate that itís for Star, or sponsor our lovely girl on the Wildlife Club. We are deeply appreciative of your help.


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