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Daisy - Lost Dog - Needs Help

Daisy Has Been Found! Please read through to the end!

Daisy, a golden Labrador/German Shepherd mix, was lost during a stop-over at Newark Airport while on her way home to CA. Being from out of town, Daisy’s owners especially need help in finding her.

Tracking dogs picked up Daisy’s scent and it is believed she may be in a 10 mile radius from the Weequahic Park in Newark, NJ where Daisy was sighted.

According to the e-mail requesting help - "Daisy was lost during a stop-over flight at Newark Airport. Daisy has been missing since Saturday August 14. The airport dog walker took Daisy out of her crate to potty her but attached her leash to the ring of her dog tags and not the collar, there was a loud noise at the airport that spooked her and she took off. They were able to track Daisy and where she went through the surveillance videos but she is now gone. The owner lives in CA and her mom, Fran, (who contacted me) is in ME. From what I'm told, the folks at the airport and airlines have been extremely helpful in trying to recover Daisy but I'm not sure how much they are doing outside of the airport and am waiting on more info.

"There have been 2 sightings by the same person. The first was Friday 8/15, a day after Daisy went missing and the next was this past Sunday 8/22. Being dog friendly, Daisy approached someone who was walking her 2 dogs. Unfortunately, one of this persons dogs doesn't do well with other dogs so she shoo'd Daisy away. She then saw one of the fliers posted and called in both of the sightings. I am waiting to find out the cross streets of them and a lost flier and will get them out to you all as soon as I know more. These folks have no one, other then the folks at the airlines, to help them.

"Daisy is wearing her red collar (no tags), she can be identified by her microchip, ID 4833107719 Daisy's head and face are that of a German Shepherd, her body is lean and colored like a Golden Lab. She is spayed, 4 years old, and approximately 55 lbs. "

Update - Happy Ending for Daisy!

Daisy, a 4 yr-old Shepherd mix, has been missing from the Newark Liberty International Airport since August 14. Since that time, members of Rescue Ink, and other concerned citizens, have been desperately searching for the lost dog.

The formation of a Facebook fan page, local news coverage, and extensive efforts by volunteers to search and hand out Lost Dog fliers has finally paid off - Daisy has been found.

According to Joe Panz of Rescue Ink, Daisy was being fed by someone that works at an area hotel. A friend recognized Daisy as the dog featured in the Lost Dog fliers and the contact phone number was called. A quick scan of Daisy's microchip confirmed that she was indeed, the lost dog.

According to the Bring Daisy Home Facebook fan page, Daisy's California owners had flown out to Newark on the weekend of September 4th to assist in the extensive city search. Continental Airlines flew the family out to the Newark area several times so that they could join in on the searches.

Accolades to the Rescue Ink crew, as well as the many other volunteers, that spent countless hours handing out, and posting, thousands of fliers for the wayward dog. Daisy is a lucky dog indeed.


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