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It's Cool to Be Kind



CONTACT: Roseann Trezza, Executive Director
April 28, 2010

It’s Cool to Be Kind
National Be Kind to Animals Week, May 2 to 8

THINK ANIMALS DON’T NEED a week to remind folks to be nice to them? Think again.

Every year, thousands of abused, neglected and abandoned dogs, cats and other domestic animals make their way through the doors of the three Animal Care Centers operated by Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park.

Emerald, (file #18410), above, is a Heeler mix who was given up because she tended to 'herd' the family youngsters. She is at our Forked River shelter and would love a forever home.

If they could talk, each would have a different story to tell. But they all share one thing in common – they are relying on caring humans to help make their lives better.

“That’s why Associated Humane Societies eagerly participates in national Be Kind to Animals Week. We need to give everyone a reminder of the vital role we all play in the lives of our pets,” said Roseann Trezza, Executive Director, Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park. “It’s also an opportune time for animal lovers to step up and help out.”

Seven year-old Andy has been waiting for his forever home since 2004, and also waits at our Forked River shelter.

Have your own pet? Here are some ideas to honor your “best friends” this week (and every week):

  • • To ensure your pet's safe return if lost, please be sure to microchip -- it is a means of permanent identification once the chip has been registered. 
  • • Check your pets’ collars – make sure they’re not too tight.
  • • When’s the last time your dog, cat, bird, reptile’s nails were clipped? Spend an hour and give them the spa treatment with a nice bath and nail clipping.
  • • Are all pets up to date on shots, veterinary visits and other medical procedures? Spend some quality time with your pet. Take your dog on a hike. Play toys with your cat.
  • • Do a Spring Cleaning for all caged birds/pets – clean cages, bowls, etc. Add new toys and enrichments to keep them busy.
  • • Replace worn bones, toys, catnip items with new items and different kinds of treats. Maybe you want to widen your circle of compassion, or perhaps you love animals but cannot have pets,. There are still plenty of ways to observe Be Kind to Animals Week.
  • • Visit your local shelter and ask to volunteer.
  • • Shelters always need various donations. Find out what yours needs and make a contribution of food, blankets, towels, newspapers or whatever else they lack. Monetary donations are always needed, especially at privately-funded rescues and shelters.
  • • If your lifestyle permits, consider adopting a homeless animal.

Giving an animal a new family is the kindest gift of all. Associated Humane Societies Animal Care Centers in Lacey Township, Tinton Falls and Newark have hundreds of dogs, cats and smaller animals like rabbits and hamsters available for adoption. Individuals and families who adopt a cat or dog during Be Kind to Animals Week will receive special gifts for their new “family members.”

If you are unable to adopt, but want to help the animals in our care at our three shelters and Popcorn Park ... please make a difference and make a donation right here, today. It IS cool to be kind, and your donating to help our animals? It makes you pretty cool in our book!


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