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New Antifreeze Law in New Mexico

Due to the sweet taste of antifreeze, there has been a long history of deaths attributable to dogs who have ingested it. New Mexico’s Governor Bill Richardson signed “Scooby’s Law” that would require antifreeze to have a bitter taste to deter animals from lapping it up. The new law will also protect children who may be tempted to drink the sweet tasting but highly toxic substance. Scooby was a Golden Retriever from Bernalillo, N. M. who had to be euthanized after drinking antifreeze. As a result, Albuquerque, passed an ordinance and now there is a statewide requirement. New Mexico joins California and Oregon in mandating the manfacture of bitter-tasting antifreeze. Antifreeze can leak out of cars, has been dumped in areas or left our purposely by people trying to poison animals. The New Mexico law takes effect July lst.


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