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Another Double-Header Pick for Princess

Hey what you got there John? Are those my extra grahams for picking both games right last week?

Yeah, girl, these are some more extra on top of the two boxes I gave you this morning. You did real good last week. The Giants just managed to win in overtime after giving up 14 points in the 4th quarter. I think we're going to pick two games again this week.

Let me have a couple of those while you decide John.

Alright girl, we'll do the Sunday Jet vs Panther and the Thursday night Bronco-Giant game.
Ok let's get to it John.

Carolina Panthers at the NY Jets and the Giants at the Denver Broncos

Princess picks the first game

... and the second

The Panthers and the Giants

That's the same as last week Princess, going with the Giants and against the Jets. Do I see a pattern here?

Well John, the Giants aren't in the best of shape, especially that defense but the Broncos aren't doing much better after they started out 6 and 0, they lost their last 4 games. As far as the Jets, they have to start getting their act together before I will trust them again.


Now, I see you still have a whole pack of grahams John, Lets finish them up!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! says Princess. Hope you have plenty of graham crackers!

Results - Two upsets! The Denver Broncos beat the NY Giants 26 - 6 and the NY Jets beat the Carolina Panthers 17 to 6.


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