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Princess' Results Page - 2009/10 Season



Here's the place to check Princess's picks each week and see how she's doing overall - her official Results Page. We're now going into the playoffs - will she finish up as strong as last year? Come back and see!


Week 1 - Pick: Texans over NY Jets. Incorrect. Jets 24; Texans 7.
Week 2 - Pick: NY Jets over New England Patriots. Correct! Jets 16; Patriots 9.
Week 3 - Pick: NY Giants over Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Correct! Giants 24; Patriots 0!
Week 4 - Pick: New Orleans Saints over New York Jets. Correct! Saints 24; Jets 10!
Week 5 - Pick: NY Jets over Miami Dolphins. Incorrect. Dolphins squeaked by the Jets 31 to 24.
Week 6 - Pick: NY Giants over the New Orleans Saints. Incorrect. Saints beat out the Giants 48 - 27.
Week 7 - Pick: NY Giants over Arizona Cardinals. Incorrect. Cardinals beat the Giants 24-17.
Week 8 - Pick: Miami Dolphins over NY Jets. Correct! Dolphins swam right past the Jets at 30 to 25.
Week 9 - Pick: San Diego Chargers over New York Giants. Correct! Chargers beat the Giants 21-20.
Week 10 - Pick: NY Jets to beat Jacksonville Jaguars. Incorrect. Jaguars edged out the Jets in a 2 point win, 24 -22.
Week 11 - Pick: Double Header - New England Patriots over the NY Jets and the NY Giants over the Atlanta Falcons. Both correct! New England beat the Jets 31-14, and the Giants beat the Falcons 34 - 31.
Week 12 - Pick: Double Header - NY Giants over Denver Broncos for Thanksgiving and the Carolina Panthers over the NY Jets. Both incorrect. Broncos beat the Giants 26-6, and the Jets beat the Panther 17 - 6.
Week 13 - Pick: Dallas Cowboys over the NY Giants. Incorrect. The Giants beat the Cowboys 31-24.
Week 14 - Pick: NY Jets over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Correct! Jets beat the Bucs 26 - 3.
Week 15 - Pick: NY Giants over the Washington Redskins. Correct! Giants beat the Redskins 45 -12.
Week 16 - Pick: NY Giants over the Carolina Panthers. Incorrect. Panthers beat the Giants 41 - 9.
Week 17 - Pick: NY Jets over the Cincinnati Bengals. Correct! Jets beat the Bengals 37-0.
Wild Card Playoffs Pick: NY Jets over the Cincinnati Bengals. Correct again! Jets beat the Bengals 24-14.
Week 19 - Pick: NY Jets over the San Diego Chargers. Correct! Jets beat the Chargers 17-14.
Super Bowl XLIV - Pick: Indianapolis Colts over the New Orleans Saints. Incorrect. The Saints beat the Colts 30 - 17, their first Super Bowl win ever.


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