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AHS Offers Cat Adoption Incentives

MORE CATS AND KITTENS are surrendered to shelters in summer than any other time of year. Add to that the fact that families faced with economic hardships are still being forced to give up their pets. The combination has left animal care facilities, like the three that are operated by Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park with severe overcrowded conditions.

Daisy, above, and Talia, at right below, were brought to the AHS Forked River facility together. They are both looking for a forever home, preferably a family that will take both of them in as a pair.

In an effort to try and find real, forever families for the hundreds of cats and kittens being cared for at the three centers in Forked River, Tinton Falls and Newark, Associated Humane Societies is providing special adoption incentives from now through Labor Day.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking the number of cats and kittens that are being brought in to our Animal Care Centers. Not only is it the time of year that cats give birth to unwanted litters of kittens, but our economy is causing more and more families to surrender their pets.,” said Roseann Trezza, Executive Director, AHS/Popcorn Park. “The good news is, while they are here they are receiving all the love and care we can give them. But the bottom line is, their lives would be much richer in a real home.”

* Cat and kitten adoption fee will be reduced from $75 to $50.
* Two cats or two kittens can be adopted together for the special reduced rate of $75.
* All cats and kittens will be microchipped free of charge (a $40 value).

“As the summer days turn into cool nights, there’s nothing better than a warm cat cozily curling up right next to you,” Ms. Trezza said. “And, you’ll get that warm feeling of knowing that you saved a life by adopting one of our fabulous felines.”

Fabio, at our Forked River shelter, is also looking for his forever home .

And as a thank you to those who already have brought cats into their lives, owners may bring their cats in to any of the AHS shelters and have them fitted with a Home Again microchip for only $20, (a $40 value). It is important to note that it will be your responsibility to register your pet at a fee of $14.99 directly to Home Again. Unless this is done, your pet will not be protected.

Anyone adopting a cat or kittens or bringing in their own pets for microchipping will also receive a free family pass to Popcorn Park (a $20 value)!

There are hundreds of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and small animals available for adoption at the AHS shelters in Tinton Falls, Newark and Forked River. You can check out many of them right here on our web site!

We are always grateful for any support you might give. If you are currently unable to adopt but would like to contribute towards the care of the many cats who await their forever homes, please make a donation today!


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