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Special Offers for Kitty Adopters in Adopt-A-Cat Month!



CONTACT: Roseann Trezza, Executive Director
May 18, 2009

AHS/Popcorn Park Makes June
a Purr-fect Time to Adopt a Cat

HER NAME IS ZIPLOC. She was abandoned on the side of Route 280 in Newark, starving and dehydrated. Associated Humane Societies staffers gave her the name because she was actually found inside a plastic bag.

Ziploc, left, is a happy, healthy cat at the AHS Newark Animal Care Center, looking for a forever home. Below is Ziploc shortly after she was found left in a plastic bag on Route 280.

Lucky for Ziploc she was taken to Associated Humane Societies Animal Care Center in Newark where she has been given the proper veterinary care and love that she needed. But, what she really needs now, like hundreds of other abandoned cats and kittens is a forever home.

Unfortunately, Ziploc’s story is becoming more and more commonplace, particularly as people in poor financial situations try to find ways to offload the responsibility of pet ownership. Add to that, the fact that this time of year hundreds of litters of homeless kittens are brought into animal shelters throughout the nation, the majority of them never finding a loving home or a caring owner.

That’s why in June – National Adopt a Cat Month -- Associated Humane Societies is pulling out all the stops to find great homes for the cats and kittens currently being cared for at its three animal care centers in Newark, Tinton Falls and Lacey Township.

This special needs kitten has a condition where the toes of one paw are twisted. She is a loveable sweetie at the AHS Newark Animal Care Center and needs a home. (File #80091)

“About a year ago, approximately 70 million of our nation’s estimated 150 million-cat population were either living in shelters, roaming around as strays or feral,” said Roseann Trezza, Executive Director, AHS/Popcorn Park. “Although I haven’t seen more current formal statistics, I am sure, based on the increased numbers of animals being abandoned and surrendered at our facilities that those numbers are definitely higher than ever.”

In order to help find more homes, Associated Humane Societies is promoting adoptions during June with a number of incentives.

Cat and kitten adoption fees will be reduced from $75 to $50. Two cats or two kittens can be adopted together for the special reduced rate of $75. All cats and kittens will be microchipped free of charge (a $40 value).

If the animal has not been altered, there is an additional low-cost fee of $35 or with the adoption of two cats, the altering fee is $60 for both.

“Not only will you have a lifetime of love and companionship, a cat reduces your blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease,” Ms. Trezza said. “Cats make lives better – find the perfect one to bring home to your world. You are also saving a life when adopting one of our fabulous felines.”

And as a thank you to those who already have brought cats into their lives, owners may bring their cats in to any of the AHS Animal Care Centers and have them fitted with a Home Again microchip for only $20. (a $40 value). It is important to note that it will be your responsibility to register your pet at a fee of $14.99 directly to Home Again. Unless this is done, your pet will not be protected.

Anyone adopting a cat or kittens or bringing in their own pets for microchipping will also receive a free family pass to Popcorn Park ($20 value)!

There are hundreds of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and small animals available for adoption at the AHS Animal Care Centers in Tinton Falls, Newark and Forked River. You can check them out before meeting them in person by logging on to Petfinder.

If you can’t take in a pet or give a donation, but want to do something, consider sponsoring one of our fabulous felines currently residing in Kitty City on the Share-A-Pet Program!


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