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Humane News - August 2009

This issue we have more good news to share about animals we've rescued from dire straits in a variety of circumstances - now they all have a chance at love. Read about our latest rescues in the July/August 2009 issue of the Humane News, Vol. 40, No.4.

What a joy it is to know these dogs are now safe -- a Shar Pei relegated to a basement for over a year, a sweet pit bull, heavily scarred, tied to a fence and then abandoned, and 8 dogs from a shelter forced to close its doors leaving them with nowhere to go. Now they just need you.

What else is in this issue? Plenty! Read about how the Res-Q Fund is helping more and more animals in need, particularly victims of neglect and cruelty. Also featured are spotlights on such current animal issues as animal smuggling, ritual sacrifice, endangered species, livestock issues, and animal brokers, plus some groundbreaking legislation that helps animals in research.

Read about where AHS has been out and about, meeting the public and providing information about all our good work; providing vests for our working K-9's; and all the super kids who help animals at AHS and Popcorn Park. We have some of our lovely horses on the Popcorn Park page, kitties hoping for your heart in full color and of course, lots of dogs at each shelter waiting for forever homes. On our Share-A-Pet page, you'll get to read some of the very interesting backgrounds of 2 longtime residents and how they came to be rescued. We have some heartwarming Happy Endings plus a special award given to one of our staff for being a hero. Better get reading! It's all in the Humane News now!

Download this issue here!


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