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Finding Your Own Marley



CONTACT: Roseann Trezza, Executive Director
January 5, 2009

AHS Gives Advice on Getting Your Own “Marley”

THE NEW WINTER BLOCKBUSTER Marley and Me shows with all it’s laughter and tears, the unconditional love a rescued puppy finds with his forever family, and the boundless affection the Labrador retriever gives its owners, despite many calamities, catastrophes and conflicts.

Life imitates art for thousands of families who have adopted puppies and dogs from Associated Humane Societies’ Animal Care Centers in Forked River, Tinton Falls and Newark. But like any other animal, folks should do their homework before making a Labrador retriever, or a Lab mix part of their family.

“Labrador retrievers and Lab mixes are among the most beloved dogs in the United States because of their keen intelligence, strong family devotion and goofy, loveable disposition, said Roseann Trezza, Executive Director, Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park. “But even Lab puppies need extensive training to learn their place in their families and to understand what acceptable behavior for a family pet is. Unfortunately, our animal care centers are filled with young dogs and pups whose owners did not think about whether or not the dog was a good fit or the responsibilities involved with bringing a dog home. Not everyone is as flexible and forgiving as the Grogans were with Marley.”

Oftentimes, popular movies cause an increase in purchases of that particular breed, followed by a surge in abandonments and relinquishments at shelters. Associated Humane Societies cautions that seeing a sweet dog in a movie should never be grounds for picking out a pet. Read extensively about a breed you are interested in. Surf the Internet and check out forums about that animal to learn the rewards and challenges. If you know of anyone who has a similar pet, ask about the breed’s pros and cons.

And if it turns out that a Lab or Lab mix is the perfect pet for your family, check out Associated Humane Societies or your nearest shelter first. “We have a number of sweet Labs and mixes who could be the Marley in your life. What’s more, our expert staff will talk to you and help you determine which of our dogs are just right for you,” Ms. Trezza said.

Both the Yellow and Black Labs featured here are looking for their forever homes and wait for you at the AHS Forked River shelter.

Associated Humane Societies also has plenty of cats and kittens also looking for happy homes. To get a sneak peak at any of the animals available for adoption, log on to

If you cannot adopt a pet, but would like to, why not sponsor one of our wonderful cats or dogs on the Share-A-Pet Program?


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