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Princess and Playoffs - Eagles vs. Vikings

The Eagles beat the Cowboys! What happened there, girl?

Oops, Did I pick the Cowboys? I thought I picked the Eagles. Sorry about that, Philly Fans.

The Eagles put a whipping on the Cowboys, Princess, and we're picking an Eagles game this week. The Eagles are playing the Vikings in Minn. for the first game of their post season.

So the Cowboys lost pretty bad, huh John? I wonder what TO had to say about that. Heís always got something to say about something. And, their little owner, Jerry Jones, I bet he was hopping mad!

Alright Princess, we're going to pick this game and no more oops and thinking you picked something else.

The Game - Alright, here goes John, this is the winner!

The Eagles

Yeah, Iím going with the Eagles, John. They have been up and down all season, but right now they are pretty hot. Letís just hope they can keep focused and win two in a row.

Hey, John, I just remembered. Wasn't that producer from Shore Sports Network Ė I think his name is Joe, he should be here soon with a supply of graham crackers -- remember that bet we made in the beginning of the season, that he would pick more winners than I would? Well, I'm 14 and 3 and last count, he might have picked only 6 or 7 winners this year! Poor Guy!!

Is he ever going to hear it at the office, girl! Beaten by a Camel, and a Girl Camel to boot!

Hey, whatís that supposed to mean, John? Beaten by a Camel .... like I don't know what I'm doing!!!

Ummmm, Oh no -- I didnít mean anything by that, girl. Here -- have some more graham crackers. I think they are calling me to the barn. Uhhh... Iíll see you later!

The playoffs have officially begun! Don't miss a minute with Princess still on top of her game! And no more `Oops' - she promises!
Did you watch the game? Princess is right again! Eagles beat the Vikings 26-14!

And don't forget to keep track of her picks so far, too.


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Princess - Our Football-Picking Camel!

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