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Princess Picks Week 2 - Giants vs. Broncos

Girl! What happened last week? I remember you saying, "John, I really think they are going to have one of their best seasons. I think they were playing opossum in preseason." Well girl, looks like they're still playing possum

John! 6- count them -6 turnovers. Eli keeps on throwing to the wrong team. Our running back is really fast - but that doesn't do any good unless you're fast and still have the ball! They let me down again!

Hey Girl, I thought you had this all figured out; you're the great and wonderful pigskin prognosticator. You gotta start concentrating more on the game than eating those graham crackers!

John ...... talk about concentrating on something other than food! It looks like you went up one or two belt sizes from last season!
Awwww, now that hurt, girl ....... Let's just get to the game. We're going with the Manning Bowl this week - Giants vs the Bronco's!

The Game

Princess picking which brother she thinks will win.

Princess is going with Peyton and the Bronco's

Whoa Girl!, they're playing in NY and Eli is the master of the last minute comeback.
John, they have to play a whole game - not just the last TWO minutes! I'm sticking with Peyton, for this week anyway.

Princess, this is one of the first times you started with a loss. That doesn't bode well for the rest of the season.

Relax John, we have 20 more weeks of this picking stuff and 20 more weeks of extra graham crackers (Whoo Whoo!!!), Don't sweat one loss, we'll be fine.
Alright girl, good luck to you and ........ uhhhhh, hate to say this ..... Peyton and the Broncos. and for your information, it's only one belt size girl.

Results: Princess was correct in her pick. Broncos beat the Giants 41 to 23.


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