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Juliette the Squirrel Monkey, Popcorn Park's Newest Addition

Juliette is a squirrel monkey we took in to Popcorn Park in April, 2013 after Roni, the daughter of Juliette’s owner, called us. Juliette had lived in a private home in New Jersey when her owner passed away early in April, leaving the 15 year old squirrel monkey with no one to look after her.

Juliette was born into a small colony of squirrel monkeys and it’s believed that some of the other females in the group tried taking her away from her mom and in in their attempt, severely injured her arm which then had to be amputated. As a result, Juliette could not go back to living with other monkeys. This led to her becoming a pet. Despite her handicap, she climbs, gets her food, runs around and all in all does really well. Most people don’t even realize that she only has one arm at first! However, it is because of this that many places wouldn’t take her in. She hasn’t been with other monkeys for the majority of her life and if she were to go in with others she would be at a serious disadvantage.

Juliette moved into her new digs in our camel barn and made herself right at home. She really enjoys the extra area she has to climb and seeing things she has never seen before -- ducks, geese, chickens and goats -- and all close enough to try and grab! And of course, her eyes were as wide as silver dollars when she saw Princess, our camel.

We noticed that Juliette paid particular attention to Jocko, our Blue Front Amazon parrot, often sitting on one of her shelves or on a branch as close to his cage as possible. He would also perch close to her. Roni had mentioned that her mom had parrots as well as Juliette, and that Roni was able to find good homes for all of them. But it wasn’t until I called Roni with an update that I found out that at home, Juliette’s cage had been right next to an Amazon parrot very much like Jocko.

Not too long ago the cage in which Juliette now lives had been home to another squirrel monkey whose name was Mr. Wiggles. and who passed away not long ago. “Wiggles”, pictured at left, lived with us for nearly 20 years, was a staff favorite, a real clown, and my good buddy. He just loved the attention he always got, but he had another buddy that he would sit close to also, and that was Jocko.

So it seems that Jocko and Juliette’s stars were aligned and they now keep each other company. Juliette, with the help of Jocko, is coming along fine, starting to get used to us cleaning around her and feeding her. Although there are still times when she wants to pounce and bite on our hands while we change her blankets out or move her food, -she’s a little one armed bandit - we're getting along better each day. Now she comes over and leans on the fencing to get her back scratched. She eats her normal diet pretty well, but loves stuff brought from home; her favorite so far ..... Chinese take out.......roast pork lo mein!

You can help welcome Juliette by being her sponsor - she's now available in the Wildlife Club.


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