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Senior Pets Waiting for Love

Welcome to the Society's senior centers! There is not a day that goes by that we do not get in at least a few mature dogs in need of a second chance at a safe, secure and loving home. Each of these animals have more than a few years left to bring love, devotion & companionship to a new home. Thanks to your generous donations, we can continue to give a "new leash on life" to the geriatric crowd. Love can be lovelier ... and even better ... the second time around.

Just as we did with Sammy:

The AHS chose to save this dog when most shelters/pounds would have opted to euthanize him. Sammy was brought to RBVH for the extended medical treatment that was needed. As you can see by those pictured below, they are wonderful, loving dogs that need another chance.

Mandy is a 10 year old Yorkie who was left at our Forked River facility when her owner moved out of state. She was neglected ... even when she was with her owner. All she would love is a quiet, caring home to spend her days in your lap, snoozing and relaxing. For more information on Mandy, call the Society at 609-693-1900 and refer to File 22161 or contact us by e-mail.

Tuffy was picked up as a stray from the streets of Newark. Although he is over 10 years of age .... he is as spunky as a youngster! He has a wonderful personality -- sweet and playful. He has no teeth so he enjoys soft food .... and of course, people food. He is waiting to spend his sunset years being a ray of sunshine in your life. For more information, call the Society at 973-824-7080 and refer to File 115585 or e-mail us.

As a staffer drove up to the Newark shelter, they noticed an unkempt, bedraggled West Highland Terrier sadly staring out the window as she watched her owner go inside. It seemed she knew that this was her last moments with her owner. Although he said he was evicted, he also advised that a family member had allergies and he had a Michigan license plate. In any event, Lucky was given a grooming and given an examination in our Medical Dept. It was discovered that she had a long-standing painful ear infection which is being treated. For more information on Lucky, call the Society at 973-824-7080 and refer to File 115703 or contact us by e-mail.

These adorable dogs are bursting with love to give to someone. Because of our open door policy to give a chance to all animals that come through our doors, we are always in dire need of donations to help with the food, veterinarians, pharmaceutical products, and so much more -- for all three of our shelters.

If you or your group, scouts, co-workers would like to help us in other ways, just log on to our Wish List.


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