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Sammy's Update Page

Updates on Sammy:

APRIL 24 -

Look who came in today for a check up and a medicated bath?! Sammy is gaining weight, his skin infections have completely healed, and overall, he is doing great!!! Our staff could not get enough of Sammy today -- he was smothered in kisses!!

APRIL 17 -

Sammy continues to do well and is making progress in leaps and bounds! He is almost close to running, and he absolutely loves his other 4 legged friends at home. Even though he continues to wear his jacket when it is chilly outside, he is steadily gaining weight. By the day, he is becoming more and more attached to his foster family. It warms our heart to know that he is doing so well and adjusting to home life so beautifully.

APRIL 12 -

We are happy to report that Sammy is adjusting to home life very well. He loves his other dog (and kitty cat) friends and has even selected one to sleep next to at night!! He is getting plenty of exercise during the day which is helping to build up some strength in his muscles. We miss this little guy terribly but are so happy he is doing great. Sammy Strong!!

APRIL 10 -

Sammy is doing great!! According to his new foster/forever family, Sammy loves being outside and he enjoys following one of his new older doggy brothers around the house. Yesterday, Sammy walked the perimeter of his new, big backyard at least 8 times!
Sammy: we miss you but are sooo happy to hear about your first day. We love you! And thank you, wonderful foster family, for sharing this fantastic update!


It is with happy tears that we saw Sammy leave the hospital today and head to his foster home. Everyone at RBVH is forever thankful to his foster (and potential adopter) who has taken Sammy into a loving home with open arms. Sammy will be with other senior cocker spaniels with a similar energy level! The veterinarians at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital will continue to monitor Sammy's health closely, so stay tuned for periodic updates. We commend the Monmouth County SPCA for choosing this home for Sammy. We know the decision was difficult with so many loving options available.
All homeless dogs and cats in your local rescues and shelters have stories. Sammy's story went viral, but there are many other animals who do not get this opportunity. Sammy is one of the lucky ones. He will have the best medical care for the rest of his life and will now know the feeling of unconditional love, not only from his foster family, but the entire world. For everyone who has offered to adopt Sammy, please consider rescuing another "Sammy" who is waiting for a forever home.
From everyone at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, we extend a special 'thank you' to Sammy for reminding us all how forgiving and strong the animal spirit can be. You have touched our lives and hearts more than you will ever know, little friend, and for that, we thank YOU. With a piece of you in our hearts, we will continue to use our skills and knowledge to help other animals in need, whether they are owned or waiting to find a home. Stay strong our little warrior ... we love you!


Look who is getting more comfortable with being picked up and held by our staff? Hello from Sammy! Enjoy your weekend!


Sammy had another visit from our dermatologist yesterday. Sammy's skin infections have all healed and he no longer needs antibiotics!! We are so incredibly pleased with this little guy's progress. Sammy will still wear his jackets and sweaters when it is cool outside to keep him extra warm until his fur grows back.


Thanks to the generosity of people from around the world, Sammy receives lots of fan mail! Here he is checking out some of his cards and drawings!


Here's Sammy enjoying a Wholesomes biscuit a few minutes ago. OMG, he is just too cute!!


Sammy received his first dose of acupuncture today! Dr. Penny Rochelle, who works at our RBVH Center for Integrative Medicine, came over during her lunch break to start treatments. Sammy was a champ! We are hoping that acupuncture will help with his cognition and musculoskeletal strength. Acupuncture can also be used for osteoarthritis, muscle and back pain, and immune system disorders. We are continuing care like this for Sammy to keep him strong and quicken his recovery!


Sammy and his housemate, Ady, we reunited yesterday for a short playdate. The purpose of this reunion was to see how well they would interact together, and whether they would be able to be adopted separately or together. If you watch closely, you'll see a small tail wag from Sammy! All adoption questions should be directed to the MCSPCA at (732) 542-0040. Watch the video.

Snoozin' Sammy! He had a busy day socializing with the staff, taking walks in the sunshine, and meeting friends! Stay tuned for more details! Overall, a very good day!

MARCH 31 -

Sammy wants to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Here he is checking out his Easter treats. He is getting stronger by the day, and continues to eat and drink well! We couldn't ask for anything more and are thrilled with his progress.

MARCH 30 -

Sleeping Beauty
Look at those big ears!!! Speaking of ears, guess who no longer needs ear medication??? You guessed it!! Our dermatologist rechecked Sammy and gives him an A+ for healing! His ear infections have resolved. Sammy Strong!

Sammy continues to eat very well and get stronger by the day! Many of you have asked about his teeth. Once he has gained enough weight and our doctors feel comfortable, Sammy will get his teeth cleaned. Tartar in any dog or cat mouth predisposes them not only to periodontal disease, but also heart and kidney disease. We want Sammy to stay strong!!

MARCH 29 -

Enjoy your daily dose of Sammy!! :)
It has been our great honor and pleasure to care for this little guy. If anyone has a question that we have not answered, please feel free to private message us or contact us through our website. With so many comments on our page, we're sure we have missed responding to a few. We know you enjoy the Sammy posts and we equally enjoy reading your posts filled with love and positive energy! Hugs to you all!!

MARCH 27 -

“Look at me go!”
Sammy is walking much stronger now. He continues to receive cold laser therapy which we believe is contributing to his strength. This is a fantastic therapy that is used for a variety of ailments. It works acutely on pain and also long-term with inflammation. It is used most commonly for arthritis, chronic ear infections, acral lick granulomas, hygromas, and wounds (to help with healing). Check out Sammy videos here.

The Jersey Shore's Hit Music Channel, 94.3 The Point, has featured an extensive article on Sammy and his progress. Read more ...

MARCH 26 -

Peek-a-boo! Can you find Sammy among all of his new friends? A very special thank you to everyone who sent toys, beds, blankets, cookies, cards, and money to this very special boy. Today, Sammy is eating and drinking, and walking a little stronger. He even wagged his tail!!!

MARCH 25 -

Guess who stood on his own for 45 minutes ... this guy!!! Sammy continues to do well, is much more comfortable and is even walking stronger. He is making small steps in the right direction! Sammy Strong!
We have received a verbal report concerning Sammy who is doing well .... getting stronger and brighter. He ha been removed from the "restricted"area. His blood work has come back without detecting any problems. He has not lost any weight ... he has not gained any weight. There is a mass on his neck that looks infected and is being treated with antibiotics.

MARCH 24 -

Here is Sammy getting his cold laser therapy, this time on his hips. Kirsty came in on her day off to do this for him (thank you!!). Our staff remains very dedicated to him! Sammy continues to eat and drink very well on his own. Go Sammy!!!







MARCH 23 -

Sammy did well overnight. He received another cold laser therapy treatment yesterday for his ears but also his back and hips. We are hoping this will help strengthen his legs! He is completely eating on his own twice a day and loves his dry kibble soaked with some warm water.







MARCH 22 -

Cute Photo Alert!
Kirsty, one of our rehabilitation technicians, visited Sammy to perform a cold laser therapy treatment. Doesn’t he look adorable in his doggles? The purpose of the doggie goggles is to help prevent any eye damage from occurring during the laser treatment. Laser therapy is being incorporated into Sammy's treatment plan to help ease discomfort caused by the inflammation in his ears, and to promote healing. Sammy really seemed to enjoy it!

MARCH 21 -

Sammy slept well and then awoke in time for an appearance on the morning news. He continues to eat and drink on his own. Today's photo shows him getting a compress to help reduce swelling on his neck. He is a very sweet boy and we love him very much!

MARCH 19 -

Sammy is eating on his own!!!! How exciting!! We are offering him at least 1/2 of his required amount (remember we have to feed him very slow to help prevent issues when re-introducing food) and he is licking the bowl dry. We are also incorporating passive range of motion and massage for his hindlimbs, which is helping build strength. We keep telling Sammy how the world is rooting for him and he continues to gain strength through all of your support and love.

Where there is love, miracles happen...Sammy stands!

MARCH 18 -

Sammy continues to make small strides in the right direction. He eats for us each time he is offered food and appears to have less discomfort in his feet. He has yet to stand on his own without support, but this may take some time.

MARCH 17 - Sammy is reported to have done well through Saturday night and is stable. Red Bank Veterinary Hospital has been feeding him very small amounts of food and he has been eating them. He remains on antibiotics and pain medication. Late in the day, he was able to hold his head up for short periods of time.

MARCH 16 - Sammy is doing great, had a good night last night. They first introduced liquid nutrition in the feeding tube around midnight. He took the tube out and didn’t want them to put it back in so they started giving it to him via syringe.
The diet they are giving him is strictly fat and protein. He became animated and tried to eat the syringe, which made the doctor happy because he is starting to act appropriately (like a dog). His protein/cholesterol levels are a little low but due to the starvation. He does stand up intermittently but is weak and wobbly, no muscle mass. He does have swelling under the jaw, possibly just cellulitus. They are treating with warm compresses and antibiotics. No fever since yesterday.
Doctor just called. He is looking a little brighter this afternoon, tolerating food well. Blood work is still great. No real changes but that’s a good thing. They have introduced toys. The covering doctor will reach out to Lindsay tomorrow.

MARCH 15 - With permission from Chief Victor “Buddy” Amato, the Chief Humane Law Enforcement officer for the Monmouth County SPCA, we are able to post this photo of “Morgan” and a brief update. Chief Amato told us that the dog’s real name is Samurai. Tonight, Samurai is resting comfortably in our hospital under the loving care of many doctors and technicians. He remains in critical condition. Thank you to everyone who has called to inquire about him. Red Bank Veterinary Hospital is not charging for any of Sammy’s care while he is with up, however due to community requests, we have set up a fund to go toward Sammy’s future needs.

Read Sammy's original story ....


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