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Princess Picks Week 15 - Giants v. Falcons

Princess, what happened with that? Talk about the Giants in a slump, this is your 2nd loss in two week. You better snap out of it, girl. You know a long time ago they used to say the old horses that couldn’t race anymore were sent to the glue factory. Well, what do they do with camels when they no longer predict the games right anymore?

Hey John, watch that, everybody is entitled to get a couple wrong, and why am I taking all the heat? How do I know you’re not switching the names under those graham crackers?

Alright ..... alright Princess, we all have our off days; you just happened to string a couple together. We're going to have to go with another Giants game this week. They're playing the 11-2 Atlanta Falcons. While the Jets are only playing the Titans, who’ve only won once in the last 5 games, things seem to be quiet over there, Rex is trying real hard to keep his mouth shut, so we are going with the Giants.

The Game!

Princess making her pick.

Princess goes with the Giants to win!!!

I guess you realized the error of your ways and you are backing the Giants again, girl.

Error of my ways!!! Come on, John, look at the recent history of the Saints/Giants, the Saints owned the Giants for the last 3 or 4 years. Anyway, it’s in the past. I like the new kid – Wilson, he’s fast becoming one of my favorites. With Eli back on target, Cruz and Nicks doing what they do best and the new kid Wilson, I think they’ll be okay. And I’ve got one of those gut feelings again -- the defense will come together. And, speaking about gut feelings, how about some more of those grahams.

You know, talking as much as you talk with a mouthful of grahams .... you’re drooling all over yourself, girl. Be careful now.

I’m pretty good at multi-tasking, John. I can talk about the game, eat grahams, do the pick and with one fast, well-placed foot sweep ..... take your legs out from under you before you knew what happened ,... but I'd never do that to my little buddy.

Now, now, girl, just eat the rest of the grahams and good luck to you and the Giants.

Results: Princess was incorrect on this one - the Falcons shut out the Giants 34 - 0.


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