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Week 13 - Princess Picks Giants v. Redskins

Congratulations, girl, you did it again. I would have bet my last dollar that the Packers were going to win! I guess that gut feeling of yours was right.

John, speaking of my gut feeling and your last dollar, did you bring that "Package" today?

Yes I did, girl, here’s the two graham crackers for winning and the here's the “Mother Lode” for me doubting that gut feeling of yours.

Gee John, thanks. When you’re done out here you can set them up inside for me for later.


Oh yeah, by the way, girl, your little pre-Thanksgiving prediction about the Jets "crashing and burning", well you were right again. Ryan and Sanchez were the biggest turkeys of the day and the Patriots beat them like an old drum.


Yeah John, I kind of felt sorry for the Jets, they couldn't do anything right that day. Well anyway, what game we got this week?

Princess, the Jets are playing the Cardinals, but we're going with another tough game for the Giants -- they're playing their rival, the Redskins.

The Game!

Princess making her pick.

Princess picks the Giants again!

If I didn’t know any better, girl, I’d think you were siding with the Giants and becoming a really big die-hard fan.

John, I just call them like I see them. I don't know what’s under that graham cracker. I don't even have my reading glasses on.

Are you sure about that, girl? The Giants are going down to Washington and playing that phenomenal rookie quarterback RG3. I think you are pushing your luck, girl!

Luck ..... John, there’s no luck involved. My pick is a very throught out and a very scientific process. You carefully write the name of each team (in the team colors) in the palm of your hands. You precisely place a graham cracker over each name, and I eat the one I want, and if you hold your hands there long enough, I’ll eat them both. Now finish opening that pack of crackers and give me a couple more – pleeeeease.

Don’t worry about it, John. Now just give me a big kiss and say you’re sorry for doubting me again!

Results: Princess missed this one by a point. Redskins beat the Giants 17 - 16.


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