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Princess Picks Week 12 - Giants vs. Packers

Hey girl, looks like we’re back on track with our picks this week. We’ve been so busy with the storms and cleaning up after them.

Oh yeah, John, we were very lucky here with all the trees and big branches that came down with hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter the next week. Not one building or major fence was damaged. I saw the staff and that tree service working for days getting all the trees and broken branches out of the park. I also saw a lot of people bringing dog and cat food, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies to help out the unfortunate families and their pets displaced by the storms.

Yes, Princess, a lot of people have come together to help in this unfortunate time of need. We were filling up our vans and bringing that food and supplies to animal friendly shelters throughout Ocean County. Seeing what this storm has done has been a very humbling experience for us all.

John, I heard that our Animal Control staff and our other staff were out after the storms to rescue the animals that were left behind when families thought they would only be gone for a short time, not realizing the severity of the storm.

Yeah, girl, we rescued a lot of animals from the barrier islands and brought them to the evacuation shelters and most were reunited with their families. Some are still being reunited as of today.
Hey girl, let’s try to help get things a little more back to as normal as possible for all your fans. Princess, how about you pick a game.

Alright John, what game we got this week?

Well, girl, the Jets are playing the Patriots tomorrow night.

Wow, John, can you say “Crash and Burn”!! Belichick and the Patriots are going to have a Thanksgiving feast on Ryan and the Jets.

Well, girl, that’s not the game we're picking; it's tomorrow night already .... too soon to write all this up ..... we'll go with the Packers coming to play the Giants on Sunday.

The Game!

Princess making her pick.

Princess picks the Giants to win!!

The Giants again, girl??? The Giants are in that mid-season funk again. They've lost 2 games in a row. The Packers have won 5 in a row!! Girl, what were you thinking??

John, John, relax I’ve got a gut feeling on this one.

Girl, the only feelings coming from your gut right now are “I want more graham crackers”!

Well John, you’re not exactly wrong .... I'd like some more graham crackers but I really do think the Giants are going to come together and pull this one out.

Alright girl, here’s a couple graham crackers for that gut feeling you have. Good luck to you and the Giants this week – you’re gonna need it!!

Even in this time of so much sorrow with so many families and pets being displaced and some even homeless, we still need to be thankful for what we have.

“A Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all”

Results: Princess gets it right again! Giants 38 to the Packers 10!


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