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Princess Picks Week 7 - Jets v. Patriots


Oh great and powerful prognosticating Princess ..... you were right again and the underdog Giants demolished the 49ers.

How did that sound girl? ...... Iíve been practicing that all week.

There's some truth to what you say, John, but stop trying to suck up and open up some of those graham crackers or I'll "OZ" you right over your head.

Thatís better, John. Now what game we got this week?

Well, girl, you picked the Giants the last 2 weeks, and the Jets are going up to New England to play their ďarch nemesisĒ the Patriots, so we are going with the Jets Game.

The Game

I bet Rex had a lot to say about that all week, John. Going up to play his old buddy Belichick. Alright, letís get to it.

Princess making her pick.

Princess picks the Patriots to beat the Jets.

Whoa girl -- thatís like the 2nd or 3rd time you picked against the Jets this year. Whatís up with that?

John, I really do like the Jets and I want them to win, but Rex just has everybody going in different directions. They won pretty handily last week and didnít look too bad, but this week, going up to play the Patriots and with the Patriots coming off a loss last week, I think the Jets are in trouble.

Well, good luck with that. You do know Rex Ryan has good success going to New England.
You know that old saying that the longer you're with your pet, the more you start to look like one another? Well, a couple of fans have made mention that we're starting to look alike and if you look close, girl, the gray under your chin and on the top of your lip is starting to look like mine.

Come on, girl, what do you think? Can you see the resemblance?

Yeah, keep on dreamin', John. With this touch of gray, everyone says Iím growing old gracefully. You on the other hand,ÖÖ

Ah, Princess, come on now --,give this old man a break.

Oh and John, I'd never really think of you as a pet either ... just so ya know.

Good luck with your pick girl.

Results: Princess is correct again!!! She picked the Patriots to win and they beat the Jets 29 to 26!


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