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October is Adopt -A-Dog Month

THEY PROTECT US, exercise with us, keep us company and love us unconditionally. No wonder dogs are our best friends. It only makes sense that an entire month is devoted to helping orphaned dogs find forever homes.

Cody the Husky and Sammy, the German wirehaired pointer are waiting for forever homes at AHS Forked River Animal Care Center.

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. And Associated Humane Societies is kicking up its efforts to find homes for all the dogs and puppies at its three Animal Care Centers in Forked River, Tinton Falls and Newark.

Each year in the United States, some 7 million dogs, about 30 percent of them purebreds, end up in animal shelters, either stray, abandoned or brought in by their owners who for whatever reason could no longer have them. Most of them will never have a real home with someone to love and care for them again.

According to Roseann Trezza, Executive Director of Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park, the number of purebreds being brought in to the Societiesí Animal Care Centers is on the increase. "Many people buy purebred dogs without learning about the breedís specific needs, health challenges and personality, only to learn that these dogs are not a good fit for their lifestyles, or they just canít handle the added responsibility and end up at our door," she said. "Right now, we have two beautiful St. Bernards, a German Wirehaired Pointer, English Sheepdog, Cocker Spaniel and a Siberian Husky, along with many other smaller purebreds. But, potential dog owners should know as much about the breed of interest as possible. The experts at our Animal Care Centers will find a perfect match for your family and lifestyle."

Joey is one of two St. Bernards available for adoption at AHS Forked River Animal Care Center. Looking for a reason to get a dog? Think about your physical and emotional health. Statistics show dog owners on average have lower blood pressure, fewer bouts of depression and often exercise more than average. Children who have dogs generally have higher self-esteem and better social skills.

Joey is one of two St. Bernards available for adoption at AHS Forked River Animal Care Center.
Adopt a dog at any of the Societyís Animal Care Centers located at Newark, Tinton Falls or Forked River during October, and your new family member will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. They will also receive a leash, collar and identification tag and a small bag of Hillís pet food. All pets have a 10-day medical guarantee.

There are hundreds of dogs, puppies and other animals available for adoption at the AHS shelters. You can check them out before meeting them in person by logging on to http://ahsnewark.petfinder.org. Owning a dog may is not for everyone. For those who cannot ptake in a pet, Associated Humane Societies offers a variety of ways to help animals.


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