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Keep Your Pet Safe this July 4th!

It is no wonder that more animals are lost on July 4 than any day of the year. Firecrackers blasting, loud bands parading, hot weather and lots of food not meant for animals makes a great celebration for people, but a horrific occasion for pets.

“Yes, they are members of the family, and it’s tough to leave a family member behind. But, believe it or not, it is best NOT to let your pets celebrate their independence. They’re happiest in the quiet, cool, safe confines of their home,” said Roseann Trezza, our Executive Director. 

Hooch, right, was rescued from the gas chambers at a Georgia shelter in 2007 and is at our Forked River shelter, hoping for a good home. File #L-15645-M.

Please consider the following tips to keep your pets safe and healthy this holiday and all summer:

  • Don’t take pets to fireworks displays. Dogs can hear three times better than humans. So the sound of fireworks and other explosives is actually painful for dogs’ ears. 
  • Keep pets indoors in a quiet safe location. Some pets become destructive when frightened so be sure the area where your pet stays is free from items that can be harmful if your pet chews them. Some pets are more relaxed with the sound of a radio or television in the background.
  • Find other ways to keep your pet calm. Some dogs seem uncontrollably scared during fireworks, thunderstorms or other events with loud sounds. If yours is one of them, consult your veterinarian before the holiday for other ways you may keep him or her calm. 
  • A day at the beach for you is fun. A day at the beach for your dog is potentially deadly. Sand is hot and uncomfortable. Salt water is dangerous to drink and unless there is a cool shady area, the constant sunshine makes pets susceptible to heat stroke. 
  • Never, ever leave a pet alone in a vehicle. Even on an overcast, cooler spring day, temperatures inside your car can reach 120 to 130 degrees in less than a half hour. Just a few minutes in those conditions can be detrimental to your pet’s health and safety. Not only that, more and more dogs are being stolen from unattended vehicles. Once again, just leave them home. 
  • Don’t leave your pet unattended outside, even in a fenced in yard. Fearful pets, even those who are usually placid, often find ways to scale fences or climb under them in an attempt to get away from something. It takes just seconds for your dog to run away, or have its leash or collar tangled on a fencepost, tree or other object. 
  • Get your pet microchipped. Collars and tags can be removed, but a microchip – only about the size of a piece of rice – contains all identifying information about your pet, and is inserted under the dog’s skin, just near his neck and shoulder bones. Pets have been recovered when dogs have been scanned for microchips. 
  • Give a homeless cat or dog real reason to celebrate. There are hundreds of dogs and cats waiting for adoption at our three shelters in Forked River, Tinton Falls and Newark. To learn more or see some of the animals looking for new homes visit them on or check out our new photo montages - details on the Newark adoption page or the Tinton Falls adoption page.

Above is Lola - a sweet Akita mix who came to the Forked River shelter in October 2006! She still wants a loving home! File #L-13868


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