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June - A Purr-fect Time to Adopt A Cat!

They provide love, companionship and promote good health. It’s no wonder why cats are America’s number one pet.

Unfortunately, millions of cats and kittens are still homeless. Take, for example, Spike, who has lived in Kitty City for many years, Spike is diabetic and needs a special caring family who will be sure that her special diet and TLC continue, Meantime, Spike spends her days with Amayha, Peanut and many other cats in Kitty City. They and many others wait for love at our shelters in Forked River, Tinton Falls and Newark.

There is no better time to bring a feline home than in June – National Adopt A Cat Month. It’s estimated that the number of cats in the United States living in good homes – about 76 million – is nearly equal to the number of homeless felines.

Some, like Peanut, were turned in to our shelter by an owner who no longer wanted her. Ten years later, Peanut is still part of our Share-A-Pet program, where you can sponsor cats or dogs who make their home at AHS’s Kitty City or Animal Haven Farm. While available for adoption, they also are welcome to stay for the remainder of their lives if need be.

“In our disposable society, many people give up their cats because they cannot or do not want to handle the responsibility. It is even more unfortunate that some are abandoned and abused. Eventually, many of them end up in shelters when they should be curling up with a loving family member,” said Roseann Trezza, our Executive Director. "What’s more, the documented benefits to humans who own pets are indisputable.”

Studies show that pet ownership has positive health benefits for humans. Petting and holding cats have an immediate effect in lowering blood pressure and heart rate and some studies show that pet owners actually live longer lives.

Adopt-A-Cat Month is also a perfect time to remind pet owners of the importance of spaying and neutering. Statistics show that one unspayed cat, her mate and their offspring, producing two litters a year with less than three cats surviving in each litter can give birth to nearly 12 million kittens in nine years!

When possible, cats should be spayed and neutered when they are still young kittens, before they have had a chance to mate. All cats and kittens at any of our shelters in Forked River, Tinton Falls or Newark have either already been spayed or neutered or must be upon adoption. There are hundreds of cats, kittens and other animals available for adoption at our three shelters right now. Check them out before meeting them in person by logging onto the AHS page on

If you are currently unable to adopt, consider joining the Share-A-Pet Program and sponsoring. Or help us feed our many cats and kittens - make a donation today!


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