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Princess - on Super Bowl and Season Wrap-Up

Hey, girl, congratulations. They did it, and you knew it all along.

Princess, in an interview and season wrap-up with General Manager, John Bergmann, had some comments on her picks, her success, and on all things football.

John Bergmann - So, Princess, what do you think about the Giants winning the Super Bowl?
Princess – I knew they would. The whole game they played like they wanted it more. That one unbelievable play showed just how much they wanted it.

JB – Did you feel you made the right choice at the time when you picked the Giants to win?
P – Yup – I knew they were going to unleash their defensive line.

Look - a whole box of graham crackers, a score of 17-14 and one of the best Super Bowl games ever. What a game!

JB – How do you feel knowing that you’re now a household name and people can Google you and read about your football picking prowess? Is the fame going to your head?
P – No, just the graham cracker to my mouth. I’m the same humble camel as always.

JB- If you could see one great thing coming out of this season for you, what would it be?
P – Visitors seem to look at me differently now; they see that an animal that seems ordinary may really be quite extraordinary in some way. (That’s true of all of us, you know.)

JB – Princess, there are rumors you plan to visit the Giants in the Meadowlands – any truth to that?
P- Not at all. The thought of leaving my friends and the zoo is a little stressful; I’d much prefer the Giants come visit me.

John, don't take this the wrong way, but I was hoping that maybe Eli, Strahan, Plexico, or even coach Coughlin might have been standing there offering me those grahams.
We're working on that, girl.

JB - Overall, how do you feel about your picks for this past season?
P- A couple teams disappointed me here and there, but overall I made the right picks. In a couple instances the teams just didn’t come through.

JB – Any thoughts for Tom Brady, being he was one of your big favorites?
P – Tom will always have a special place in my heart, but when it comes to football, I picked the winning team.

JB – Has the fact that you’ve actually outshone some of the best game analysts affected you at all? Have any advice for them?
P – Eat more graham crackers and come down to the zoo. I feel the ambience of Popcorn Park has been a great contributor to my success.

JB - Fans may be worried that your graham cracker supply will dry up without the weekly picks. Is that a concern? Can they help?
P- Of course they can help! Fans are always welcome to come visit me – I love the company and their appreciation. They can sponsor me right here on the web or by mail, which assures me of an endless supply of graham crackers, or drop off a box or two at the zoo when they come by. I’m not worried about the graham crackers – staff here is just great.

JB – Princess – last question. To what do you attribute your uncanny knack of picking the right teams so often?
P - I’d have to say I owe a debt of gratitude to Keebler Grahams Crackers™

Then I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if our girl, Princess, will follow her fame and pick another season next fall. Thanks, Princess – it’s been great!

The pleasure's been all mine!

Be sure to check out my season stats on my season summary page.

And don't forget -- it costs plenty to provide the best in feed, staff and veterinary care for all of us here at Popcorn Park. Please make a donation today and contribute towards our care.


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