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Pets Offered 'Free to A Good Home' Face Dangers

The Society confiscated this dog from a backyard in Newark after being contacted by a concerned neighbor. An I.D. collar led us to the original owner who had given the dog to a co-worker who promised to give it a good home. This dog was saved in time and went on to find a forever home. He was one of the lucky ones given "free to a good home".

Most recently, Anthony Appolonia, 48 of Aberdeen, N J, was charged with animal cruelty. We share the following story to bring to the public's attention the dangers of offering unwanted animals "free to good homes". Appolonia was charged with 25 counts of cruelty after he killed 25 kittens and cats. He would answer ads in local papers offering these animals "free to good homes".

Each animal was tortured before being killed. Appolonia would play with the animal, then throw, beat, and punch it and then break its bones. After inflicting this tremendous pain on the cat or kitten, he would then drown it. Appolonia is curently in the local county jail.

Listed below are some reasons why people attempt to obtain free animals:

  • Bait to train pit bulls/fighting dogs
  • Fish bait
  • Snake food
  • Cash paid for research labs
  • Breeding if not altered

To offset such possibilities, you can ensure the following before placement:

  • Charge an adoption fee
  • Ask for vet references
  • Alter the animal prior to adoption
  • Make a Home Visit
  • See a current driverís license
  • Require an agreed-upon contract so that the animal be returned to you

Unwanted animals should be brought to a humane society, a responsible rescue group or shelter that will perform the above services to insure a secure future. At best, they will be successful and your animal will have a new and loving home. At the worst, these unwanted animals will be given humane euthanasia and not suffer and live a life of pain or horror.

Please help our efforts to re-home the many, many unwanted animals that come to our three shelters. We are always here to help you with an animal you can no longer keep and give it the best chance for a forever home. Make a contribution today so we can help more abused and unwanted pets.



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