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Popcorn Park Rescues Dogs from GA Gas Chambers



CONTACT: Roseann Trezza, Executive Director
November 27, 2007


FORKED RIVER, NJ – Bullet, Marcy and Dora are far removed from what appeared to be their final, heartless fate and are now ready to find their forever homes.

Rescued from Georgia animal shelters, where their imminent death by gas chamber was only days away, the three loveable and lonely dogs were brought to Associated Humane Societies Animal Care Center at Popcorn Park Zoo where they have been examined, received veterinary care and are available for adoption right here.

Meet Bullet, a young shepherd mix brought to a Georgia shelter with what appeared to be a sort of bullet wound in his leg. It has healed and now the sweet, quiet Bullet is looking for a new family.

Bullet, Marcy and Dora join a number of other dogs at the Societies’ three animal care centers saved from animal facilities in Georgia, Arkansas and New Orleans, where gas chamber deaths are still common. AHS continues to try and find homes for a number of dogs who were displaced following Hurricane Katrina, as well.

“Every animal deserves the best chance at a good life,”said AHS Executive Director Roseann Trezza. “As guardians and animal advocates, it is our duty to help Bullet, Marcy and Dora – and every other dog or cat we can -- enjoy their lives with people who will give them the homes they deserve.”

Marcy is about a year old and is a fun, happy energetic pup, who was rescued just one day away from the gas chambers.

Although Georgia law prohibits putting animals to sleep by gas chamber, it is still a common practice in some disreputable shelters there. Most pounds and shelters in Georgia only give their animals three days to find a home and then they are euthanized. Several groups in the South regularly visit these shelters, evaluate the dogs that are there and rescue those they feel are adoptable. At that point they reach out to shelters who might be able to help.

AHS, which was instrumental in having legislation in New Jersey passed to make gas chambers illegal, became involved in the southern rescue efforts after learning of a nursing mother who was put into a gas chamber with her pups. To protect her pups, she laid over them. After they removed them from the gas chamber, mom had died and her pups had survived.

Dora is about three years old. she was running as a stray in Georgia after her family moved away without her, when some teenagers took her and broke her front leg. She was a stray for some time before she was picked up, so her leg healed the wrong way. She is now receiving veterinary care at Popcorn Park, but is a loving little dog who needs a good home.

“It breaks your heart to think that for every sweet potentially great companion rescued from pending death, many others aren’t that lucky,” Ms. Trezza said. “As much as we would like to save every animal, we can only take in what our resources will allow. That’s why we depend so much on generous animal lovers who are willing to donate to our programs and special funds.”

All three dogs are available for adoption, as are hundreds of others at the Associated Humane Societies’ three animal shelters in Forked River, Tinton Falls and Newark. Please contact us if interested in adopting Bullet, Marcy or Dora.


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