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Senior Pet Month - Great Time to Adopt

Look into the eyes of an older dog or cat who has found itself in a shelter and you see a loving pet who just wants to go home.

Do you know why senior pets are great adoptions? Because many have already been extensively trained and are housebroken, their temperament is established and there is no question about how big or small the pet will grow to be. What you see is what you get

Duke, above, is an eight year old, male Beagle turned into our shelter by his owner due to relocation.†It's going to be hard to find Duke another home at his age.† Unfortunately, people tend to shy away from pets over the age of five.† This poor boy still has spring in his step and enough love in his heart to be a wonderful companion for that special person.

Unfortunately, most people look for younger cats and dogs to adopt, leaving the older ones behind to spend their golden years in a shelter. Yet these cats and dogs have every bit as much love to give and will return your love tenfold just for the chance to be in a home once again.

Harley is a† handsome, 7 year old, male German Shepherd who found himself alone on the streets. We came to his rescue and promised to find him a loving home.† At 7 years of age it's going to be a tough road.† We are hoping that during `Adopt A Senior Pet Month' someone ... somewhere will†give Harley a second chance.

We want to make people aware of the great many benefits to adopting senior animals, so are participating in national Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month this November. We have hundreds of older cats and dogs waiting for new families at each of our three shelters. They will be loving, devoted, beautiful companions for those who open their hearts and homes to them.

Here are some things to consider when planning to adopt an older pet. Keep in mind:

* Some older pets may have special medical or dietary needs
* They are usually calmer but may be a bit more set in their ways than younger pets
* They may not need as much exercise
* They may or may not get along with other animals in the household

Staff members at any of our shelters in Newark, Tinton Falls and Forked River will help determine which animal would best suit the needs of those wishing to adopt. Adopt a senior pet in November and your new family member will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. They will also receive a leash, collar and identification tag and a small bag of Hillís pet food. All pets adopted have a 10-day medical guarantee.

Above is Chico, a 15 year old, male Chihuahua who was found wandering a busy highway near our shelter.† After years of being someone's pet, he finds himself lost and alone.† Chico does have some health problems and we are tending to his every need.† Chico needs to spend whatever time he has left in a loving home.† Hopefully, we will find someone who will understand the wants and needs of this elderly gentleman.

If you'd like to check out some of our pets for adoption before meeting them in person, you can log on to Petfinder. Many more await you at each faclity.

Zak is an 8 year old, Labrador Mix that was also found as a stray back in May.† We tried†very hard†to find him a new home, but because of his age we had no takers.† We are trying once again to give Zak†the home and family he once knew.

Owning a dog or cat is not for everyone, or now may not be the right time for you to adopt. If that's true for you, why not consider `adopting' one of the cats or dogs on our Share-A-Pet Program, many of whom are seniors, too. Your sponsorship helps pay for their day-to-day care as well as all their medical or special needs. Plus you can come visit them at our Forked River facility.


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