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Pet Birds Need Lifetime of Care

Popcorn Park Zoo is home to many rescued birds. However, because many bird owners have not looked into what it means to undertake life with a pet bird, we are being inundated lately with them. DooWop was placed with us due to a divorce.

African Greys, amazons, and macaws can live from 60 - 100 years, something to be seriously considered before purchasing one, as well as who in the family would care for the bird should something happen to you.

Pet birds, especially those mentioned, are highly social and intelligent. In the wild they live in flocks with constant communication and social interaction, and this is why Popcorn Park provides social opportunities for our birds and a chance for them to form their own flock.


Being so social, they do not do well alone or in a cage with no interaction, so how much time an owner can spend with their pet bird is another important factor to consider. Feeding time and play time makes life interesting. Jungle gyms, as you see Bonnie and Clyde and Poco on here, give the birds things to do as well. His owner gave Poco up claiming he was too noisy. More attention may have minimized some of his attention seeking.

Proper diet and regular visits to an avian veterinarian are very important for pet birds as well.

These birds, just like all other domestic animals, require a lifetime commitment of love, attention and proper care. Keeping their needs in mind before purchase will help to minimize the surrenders of these wonderful pets.

Bonnie and Clyde, a bonded pair of macaws, were surrendered when the owner was moving and said she couldn't take them with her.

At this time, our many rescued pet birds are not on view to the public. They are grouped together in social flocks in areas that best accommodate them. Each can be sponsored through the Wildlife Club, however, in our Birds section, and you will see them each time you receive a new photo and update every 4 months!


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